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Matt Maltese's guide to South East London

Matt Maltese has a lot of good mates in a lot of good bands, all in his adopted home of South East London.
Published: 9:50 am, July 31, 2017
Matt Maltese's guide to South East London
I've only lived in South East a few years, so in reality, I am a fraud, but here are some things about South East London that keep me wanting to inhabit the big bad city.

When I first lived here, I discovered so many good things.

The surf jelly rock of Jerkcurb, an amazing illustrator artist who lives a few streets down from me.

Alex Burey
A very special musician/producer, who I met at a gig in Peckham and ended up producing my first EP. A fuggingenie.

I also discovered various bands through nights I’ve played with the promoters Black Cat White Cat. They’ve been there with me since the dawn of time, and I think are an invaluable part of all the music going on here. They put on strange, amazing line-ups, and they’ve personally made a huge difference to what kind of musician I've become. Most importantly, they’ve introduced me to many formidable bands.

I met these guys at a black cat white cat gig I played a year ago. After many stained (sorry) nights I've since become friends with them. James, their brilliant guitarist, played on my song ‘as the world caves in’ too. They are very (very) good.

My dear friends making twisted, angry, sad songs. We’ve played many shows together, and I am always in awe watching them. RIP fish long live SORRY.

Goat Girl
Brilliant rock'n'roll band I played a show at Montague Arms with in December. Lyrics with wit, and kooky melodies. FYI I’m force fed porridge in this very good video of theirs by Holly Whitaker. Top dollar stuff!

Five great smart dudes I cross paths with amongst the beloved SE. I recently saw them play in Reading. It was damn brilliant.

+ Many more – Dead Pretties, Hotel Lux, Milk Disco, Cosmo Pyke... I could go on and on.

It's not just bands that define the music around here. Publications like So Young have also made a huge difference to chronicling and promoting good music in this whole South East area. And venues like The Windmill are a huge reason good bands that stray off the beaten path have places and audiences to play to. Without promoters like Black Cat White Cat, venues like The Windmill and publications like So Young, the musical landscape would be far worse off - mark my puny words.

Besides music, the South East has many fine 'Spoons pubs. The Kentish Drovers in Peckham, Fox on the Hillin Camberwell and The Rockingham Arms in Elephant and Castle. All perfect locations to be pathetic and waste away a Tuesday.

Taken from the August issue of Dork, out now.

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Hype! Hype! Hype! Introducing our brand new double issue, featuring Girl In Red, Inhaler and loads more!
New issue!

Hype! Hype! Hype! Introducing our brand new double issue, featuring Girl In Red, Inhaler and loads more!

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