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Marsicans' The Great Escape 2018 playlist, feat. Superorganism, Mikaela Davis and more

Guitarist Oli picks out some of his faves from this weekend's bill.
Published: 3:11 pm, May 13, 2018
Marsicans' The Great Escape 2018 playlist, feat. Superorganism, Mikaela Davis and more
There are so many great new bands to check out at The Great Escape, we figured it was best to get in some help. Marsicans play Dork’s stage this year (Sticky Mike’s, Thursday night - ‘FYI’), so as part of the deal, guitarist Oli has stuck together a few TGE tips.

Mikaela Davis - So Called Friend
Friday 8.30pm, One Church
I saw Mikaela when she opened up for Bon Iver in Blackpool. I was at that show with Rob, and we were both pretty mesmerised by her harp playing, and that was before she'd even stepped on a delay pedal.

The Howl & The Hum - I Wish I Was A Shark
Friday 8.15pm, Patterns
A band from York that I've not had the chance to see live yet but many of my trusted muso friends have said very good things. They sound kind of like Alex Trimble stood in vocals for Alt-J once, and it worked so well they recorded properly together. The production on their tunes is sublime too.

Superorganism - Everybody Wants To Be Famous
Friday 10.15pm, The Old Market
No doubt they'll be playing some of the busiest shows of the weekend. Personally, I'm quite intrigued to see what the live set up is like and how they all fit on one stage. Body count aside, they don't scrimp on hooks, and there is a lazy-day, youthful vibe which is quite hard not to get immersed in.

The Orielles - Blue Suitcase
Thursday 2.30pm, Beach House
Very cool guitar band from Halifax with a hankering for effects pedals and enough twists and turns to give you whiplash (the desirable kind). If you want an honest and exciting live show, add them to your timetable. If you wanna listen to a backing track then maybe sit this one out.

Jerry Williams - Grab Life
Thursday 7.45pm, The Hope And Ruin
If you're having that mid-festival lull where you've already been pissed twice in the same day and the sun is still up, then what you need is ya girl Jerry Williams. Undeniable pop bangers delivered in bags of sincere fun.

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 - International Sex Hero
Friday 3.30pm, One Church
From what I've read online, this musical ensemble seem to be the real deal: "Our live show has included crowd sailing in a rubber dinghy, crowdsurfing on inflatable alligators, laughter yoga, hug-offs, dance-offs in a giant hay bird nest, singalongs about dancing in gay discos and being heartbroken by ginger people, line dancing and high 5ing to the beats.” So, ask yourself one question: can you really afford not to be at one of their shows?

The Great Escape takes place between 17th and 19th May in Brighton. Visit for all the deets.

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"I don't want to slow down" - introducing the new issue of Dork, featuring The 1975, out now!
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"I don't want to slow down" - introducing the new issue of Dork, featuring The 1975, out now!

It's a 'Notes On A Conditional Form' extravaganza this month. Plus, Rina Sawayama, The Aces, Creeper, Orlando Weeks and loads more!
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