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The Magic Gang's guide to Brighton

The Magic Gang launched themselves into Brighton with gusto a few years back; frontman Jack Kaye explains what he loves about their adopted hometown.
Published: 8:00 pm, October 30, 2016
The Magic Gang's guide to Brighton
I moved to Brighton around five years ago and haven’t for a minute thought about leaving. As a band, we love it here for many reasons (one of which being that you can walk everywhere in under 15 minutes). 

Aside from that, there’s obviously a lot going on musically, to the point where it can actually become a bit of a bubble and you forget that not every town or city in the country has the same qualities. 

Having grown up around an area, which doesn’t have many small venues or practice spaces, moving to Brighton was a really exciting thing for all of us. Personally the city has taught me a lot about, not just music, but art in general.

At the moment we’re living together in an eight-bed shared house in the middle of the city with a group of our friends, most of whom also make music. This can be a bit hectic at times but also makes for a fun and obviously creative environment. 

Here’s a few music related things that we like about Brighton: 

Green Door Store
The first place we ever played as The Magic Gang when we supported Travis Bretzer from Canada who was, and still is, one of our favourite musicians. This venue is really great. It kind of looks like a horses stable and the sound is really clear whether you’re watching a band or on a mad one at the house night.

Abattoir Blues
Abattoir Blues

Our beloved housemates who write amazing music. Every song they produce takes your head clean off and is super melodic.

James AKA Chivez AKA Will Benson from this band lives a couple doors down from us. I watched them play a few weeks ago and he’s the best front man I’ve seen. 

Sulky Boy

Songs of love by our good friend Dan who keeps the household together.


Really good friends who write really good tunes.

Our Girl
Our Girl

A three-piece band started by Soph Nathan, who also plays in The Big Moon. So far they’ve put out three amazing songs, one of which is called “Level” and I really like it cos it sounds a bit like Olivia Newton John’s ballad in Grease (well I think so anyway).

Cannibal Hymns

A label started by Tim Hampson, who does loads of stuff for Brighton’s music scene. So far he’s put out some really great bands like Dream Wife and the aforementioned Our Girl and Abattoir Blues.


A collective that Paeris started. It began mainly as a means of collating all of the music our friends and housemates were putting out so that it could be found in one place. Since then he’s started a bi monthly night at Old Blue Last (Shoreditch) showcasing new bands. /

Be Nothing (Promoter)

Every time a worth-seeing, touring band plays in Brighton, it’s for Be Nothing.

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All round to Sports Team's! Introducing the new issue of Dork, out now!

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