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February 2021

Let's Eat Grandma: "2016 has been endless excitement"

Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth have been one of this year's highlights.
Published: 8:59 am, December 21, 2016
Let's Eat Grandma: "2016 has been endless excitement"
If Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth were on X Factor, Sharon Osbourne would definitely have said "And you're ONLY SEVENTEEN" about 6 million times. Because y'know, they're ONLY SEVENTEEN!!1! and very good indeed. 2016 saw Let's Eat Grandma release their debut album, 'I, Gemini'.

Hey Rosa. What have been your defining moments of 2016? Releasing your album must be up there, right?
2016 has been endless excitement, and so many things have happened that it’s hard to process and remember what they all are. We’ve grateful to have been able to see so many new places, like Iceland, which is beautiful and where everything smells and tastes like volcanoes, on the European tour we’ve just returned from. One minute you're at a German fairground eating Ananas on a stick, then you’re in the moat of the Sacre-Coeur. Then you’re back in your bedroom feeling a bit confused (that’s me today). Jools Holland was a highlight for me, as I’ve watched that show with my family for as long as I can remember so that was very surreal.

Are there any news stories that have particularly affected you this year?
Brexit was shocking in that it’s showed how divided this country is in a way that I don’t think anyone really realised before, especially as on social media there’s algorithms so that you only really get your own opinion sent back to you. It was frustrating that it was beyond our control because we’re 17 so couldn’t vote, especially considering the amount it will affect our generation. Afterwards the hate crime rate went up a ridiculous amount - someone threw a petrol bomb through a Romanian shop window just down the road from us and I think a lot of communities feel really threatened. Which of course has happened in America since US election with Muslim and Latino communities. White immigrants voting in an immigrant who is anti-immigration? It’s a piss-take.

What’s your album of the year?
Christine and the Queens - ‘Chaleur Humaine’. She’s created her own distinctive sound and speaks about identity and defying gender expectations. It’s relevant at the moment because people need to realise that gender roles are outdated and restrictive and that we need to move forward from them - there are so many people who are alienated/invalidated because they don’t fit into that system, and they don’t even do any good for those that do, like how it maintains the idea that males should be dominant. Christine’s self-expression is wonderful and sends out a positive message and the album is so raw and honest.

And what was your favourite gig?
Gold Panda at Latitude! Mega visuals too.

Where will Let’s Eat Grandma be this Christmas?
On the top of the Christmas tree.

Will you be sending out Christmas cards this year?
I might send some e-cards.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
My Christmas pyjamas that sadly got confiscated in Iceland.

And the worst?
I can’t say because sometimes my relatives read these and I don’t want them to get offended...

What’s your favourite thing to watch on TV during the festive season?
Elf is always a favourite.

What’s the best New Year’s Eve party you’ve ever been to?
A couple of years ago we went to a wicked party on a boat which floated out to sea through the night. On New Years Day we all jumped off and went for a swim.

Do you have any resolutions for 2017?
Regulate my sleep schedule to stop falling asleep at college

Who do you think will be the biggest new band of 2017?
Camembear Grill Club - if you haven’t heard of them you should definitely check them out, they’re gonna be massive.
"stopper" ]

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