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November 2018

Krrum's Live At Leeds 2018 playlist, feat. Heir, Tallsaint, Nala and more

Krrum pick out some lesser-known acts from this weekend's bill.
Published: 10:38 am, April 30, 2018
Krrum's Live At Leeds 2018 playlist, feat. Heir, Tallsaint, Nala and more
The countdown to Live At Leeds has officially begun, with just days left until all the buzziest bands descend on Yorkshire. This year, you’ll be able to find Dork in one of the fanciest venues going – The Church. Heading up the bill are The Horrors, with further sets from London four-piece Stereo Honey, singer-songwriter (and former Kaiser Chief) Nick JD Hodgson, Dork faves Bad Sounds and Ten Tonnes, and up-and-comer Tom Walker, who's not long headlined KOKO no less. There's also local act Krrum, who's put together this handy Live At Leeds playlist for us.

Fehm - Last Breath - The Brudenell Social Club - 12pm
My first pick on the list, Fehm, kick off the festival at every sound-of-mind person’s favourite venue, the Brudenell Social Club. The Leeds band have been one of my go-to listens over the last year. After listening to their last two EPs, Fehm sent me into an 80s gothic spiral, which was only really satisfied by more Fehm. 'Last Breath'’s guitar riff hits all the right spots, and they’re a proper moody treat on stage.
Heir - Need You The Most - Leeds Beckett 2 - 12pm
Opening up Leeds Beckett 2 down the road will be Heir. These guys take the guilt out of guilty pleasure and always deliver a solid set of songs that stick in your head and ‘Need You The Most’ is a great example of one of them. They’re all handsome, and my mum loves them, so no more needs saying.
Tallsaint - I’m A Woman (After All) - Belgrave - 12pm
I hadn’t heard much about Tallsaint until very recently when I heard her new track ‘I’m A Woman (After All)'. Definitely a refreshing voice, sound and message to the song and if I work out how to split myself into four, I’m looking forward to seeing the live set, down at Belgrave Music Hall at 12pm.
Nala - Limon - Headrow House - 12pm
The final quarter of me hopes to catch Nala open Headrow House. Her new EP stands out as a ruckus amongst a landscape of clean electronic music available at the moment. Her performances are no different either and well worth catching. Have a few flat whites and go and wig out to some quality, mental music.
Polo - Louder Than Words -  Headrow - 1pm
Following Nala at Headrow are our old Leeds contemporaries Polo. Always good to see live and their latest single Louder Than Words is a real mover. They’re all analogue, and that warmth comes through in their performance, which you’ll need in Leeds in May.
Emily Burns - Bitch - Chapel - 4pm
Forever representing - Our label-mate Emily Burns is bringing some unforgettable Pop at the moment. Her song ‘Bitch’ is well worth a listen for that reason. You can’t go wrong with half an hour of that sentiment, and I’ll be catching her at Chapel to avoid the mid-day slump.

Krrum - Waves - Church - 6.30pm
Stuck our new single ‘Waves’ on here for good measure. Come check out our first home show in nearly a year if you’re feeling inclined, at Church at 6.30. We’ll be playing songs off our new album ‘Honeymoon’, and we’re itching to do it.
Tyne - I’m Down - Headrow House - 7pm
Tyne’s ‘Crawl’ definitely seemed to hit a chord with a lot of people but I’ve got a lot of time for her song ‘I’m Down’. Trying desperately hard not to use the word crossover (grim) but a mix of influences here has birthed such a nice sound and desperately trying not to compare here (grim) but this song sounds like what All Saints should be up to these days, and I don’t say that flippantly.
Her’s - What Once Was - Brudenell - 9pm
Ending where we started, I’ll 100% be there to see Her’s at the Brudenell before I get a well deserved early night. I managed to catch these guys at last years Gold Sounds festival, and it was probably my favourite gig of the year. Bringing personality and top-drawer songwriting by the bucket hat full, you’ll leave charmed and grinning.

Live at Leeds takes place on Saturday, 5th May in various venues around Leeds. Visit for all the deets.

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