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September 2018
Best of 2017

INHEAVEN's Top 5 highlights of 2017

INHEAVEN have had a great year, haven't they? Here are the band's Top 5 highlights.
Published: 3:03 pm, December 08, 2017
INHEAVEN's Top 5 highlights of 2017
2017 has been rubbo for a lot of things, but not bands. We’ve had a bumper crop of returning superstars, dazzling debut albums and live shows that’ll knock your socks off. Here are INHEAVEN's Top 5 highlights from the year.

Releasing our album.
Finally releasing our album into the world was a beautiful moment. Three years in the making and hundreds of shows later we held our baby in our arms. We created every aspect of the artwork which made it even more special to us. We can't wait to get cracking on number two!

Being on the cover of Dork. (Pick up your copy here.)
While on paper it might sound egotistical, but having our faces on a prestigious magazine cover like Dork was a proper fist in the air Breakfast Club style moment. Our mums were very proud also, which will bide us a bit more time before they shout at us to get real jobs.

Playing the John Peel Stage @ Glastonbury.
Brandon Flowers said you play the John Peel Stage twice in your career, once on the way up and once the way down. Hopefully, ours was the latter. It was a massive dream come true and one of the highlights of the summer!

Selling out Scala in London.
Scala has a huge history being one of the last places the original Stooges played in the UK. In fact, the famous Raw Power cover of Iggy was shot at the venue. So to play it and sell it out was one of the best feelings. A huge step up from our last headline show at Boston Music Room we dressed the stage in vintage American flags, lots of velvet, an old TV and our signature red roses. Can't wait to play our next London show.

Sharing a tour bus around Europe with Circa Waves.
Touring in a tour bus is the dream when you start a band. It's the most fun way of touring, and it was even more fun with those guys as we all get on so well. You're in such close quarters with everyone when there's a party going on, but you have your bunk to retreat to whenever you need it. It felt like a real step up for us from what we have been used to in the UK! Lots of amazing memories we'll never forget.

Taken from the December/January issue of Dork, out now.

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The new issue of Dork, featuring Spring King, is out now
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The new issue of Dork, featuring Spring King, is out now

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