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April 2019

In The Know: Phil Taggart picks his fave up-and-comers

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Published: 10:19 am, January 21, 2019
In The Know: Phil Taggart picks his fave up-and-comers

There are always more bands – the biggest question is who do you listen to when it comes to recommendations? Obviously Dork, your new music bible, should be your first port of call, but there are others too. This month we ask radio presenter and clubnight host, Phil Taggart.

I've spent the last half of 2018 finishing up writing a book and admittedly have been less feverish on my usual snuffling out of new bands and artists. The Christmas break and finishing the book has turned my radar detector back on. First on the chopping block is Irish band Inhaler, they have all the flower power swagger that was jauntily shuffling out of Manchester courtesy of The Stone Roses in the late 80s but with an added Dublin City edge. It's early days for the lads both in terms of age and how long they've been going, but there is more than a sparkle of something special going on. Listen to 'I Want You'.

On Sunday nights on BBC Radio 1, I have a show called The Chillest Show. It's pretty much Ronseal. I'll spend all week searching out lil sonics to defrazzle your brain and one of my favourites this week has been a song called ‘Jetty’ by Tycho. It's pretty twee electronica that could well have been made for the latest Zelda game. This is straight up early January music; this will keep your brain between the cosmic hedges.

Speaking of January music, there is only one track that I will be sending back to all of the overeager emails I am getting this early into the shittest month of the year. That would be 'Go Fuck Yourself' taken from TOUTS’ latest EP 'Analysis Paralysis'. It's everything you'd imagine it to be, a savage side eye at the Universal ball bag shithousing of that twat at the house party who nobody invited.

Speaking of uninvited twats. I've got a Slacker tour coming up this February. Headlining and playing live we will have The Magic Gang and joining them in the support will be Derry punks TOUTS. Slacker nights are always an unhinged party. So if you are in Southampton, Reading, Margate or close in February pop in!

Taken from the February 2019 issue of Dork, out now. The Slacker Tour will visit Southampton Engine Rooms (20th February), Reading Sub89 (21st) and Margate Dreamland (22nd).

In The Know: Phil Taggart picks his fave up-and-comers

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