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September 2019

In The Know: Barn on the Farm organiser Josh Sanger picks his fave up-and-comers

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Published: 11:38 am, June 10, 2019
In The Know: Barn on the Farm organiser Josh Sanger picks his fave up-and-comers

There are always more bands - the biggest question is who do you listen to when it comes to recommendations? Obviously, Dork should be your first port of call, but there are others too. This month we ask Barn on the Farm organiser, Josh Sanger.

Over at Barn on the Farm HQ, we’ve been waiting for a wave of authentic music to come back on top, and it seems the table has turned! It’s bloody exciting.

Right, where do I begin – probably worth shouting about everyone’s favourite Scotsman, Lewis Capaldi. We all know and love him for his hilarious Instagram stories, but more importantly, he’s showing that a vocal and an exceptional song can make us all feel again. Several weeks at Number 1 is a pretty tidy start.

We don’t have her on the BOTF bill, but I’m obsessed with Billie Eilish. She’s creating music that feels like it’s made for a worldwide stage and yet it’s created in her bedroom with her brother. The intimacy in the vocal and recordings, matched with dark, twisted soundscapes, sets itself apart from anything out there right now. For anyone thinking of picking up a guitar and making music, Billie Eilish shows that you don’t need the gloss of a pop record, you can find new ways to bring your vision to life. Break the rules and create music that speaks volumes for who you are. Go and listen to her album now.

Easy Life
are a band you should go and see live asap. If you do, I’m certain you’ll see me at the front pretending I’m 18, absolutely going for it. Hard to explain why they stand out from the rest but it just feels great. The tunes are ‘lazy’ in the best way.

Sea Girls
are a band that understand a hooky chorus. Thank God they are here – we need more bands like this. It goes without saying that Sam Fender and Maggie Rogers (our headliners) are CRACKING, but you know that already.

Here’s a cheeky one – I manage artists at Closer Artists, so I’m a little biased here, but I think the music that’s coming from the new artists on our roster is real quality – Lily Moore, Sam Johnson, Holly Humberstone, JC Stewart, Etham, Michaela. The names of the future right there. Check them out now.

Without babbling on about all the other new artists out there, here’s a little list of other new artists to listen to and watch live: Maisie Peters, Hamzaa, Celeste, Charlotte, Aeris Roves, Winnie Raeder, Mathilda Homer, Delilah Montagu, Indoor Pets and Kawala.

Taken from the June issue of Dork. Barn on the Farm takes place from 4th-7th July.

June 2019
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June 2019

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