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October 2020

I Don't Know How But They Found Me are hitting the UK

We don't know how, but we found Dallon Weekes for a quick catch-up beforehand.
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Published: 5:22 pm, May 25, 2019
I Don't Know How But They Found Me are hitting the UK

Riding a wave of rock music buzz, the lengthily named I Don't Know How But They Found Me (that's iDKHOW to their mates) hit the UK this weekend for Slam Dunk. We eventually got hold of the Dallon Weekes-shaped half of the duo to catch up in advance.

Hiya Dallon, how are you?
I'm good; I'm so sorry I forgot! I actually went to see Avengers: Endgame. They gave me my list of interviews and I just completely forgot. I'm so sorry!

That's okay!
I owe you a sandwich.

How are you both feeling for Slam Dunk? Apart from having to give us a sandwich.
Yeah, we're excited man, it's gonna be fun! It's going to be good to be back.

Have you done many festivals yet?
We did Reading & Leeds last year. We haven't really hit Europe yet, but we're going to be tackling that shortly after Slam Dunk. We're so geared up for that.

How is it translating the IDK world to a festival setting?
It's always really fun, but the challenge is keeping some of the songs we've written and recorded close to the chest because we haven't released a full-length record yet. So there are songs that we have rehearsed that we just aren't going to play yet so that fans can have some surprises in the future when we do release a record. So in the meantime we're playing songs from the EP and a couple of covers - Ryan, and I also used to be in another band, The Broebecks a few years ago and over the past two years that band has built a cult following online just because of the other things that we've done.

Fans tend to dig up past projects, so I think a whole part of this will always be haunted by the ghost of The Broebecks, we'll always play a few songs.

What ideas have you had for the live show that you want to try to do in the future?
We want to get to that point where we can finally play all of the songs that we have. Another goal that we've had is to build a bigger production around our set, like have more live musicians join us on stage because right now it's just a matter of keeping things inexpensive, and for the sake of our families if that makes sense? In the future when it becomes financially reasonable, we'll have a horn section on stage, which will be great, and some live guitar and keys. One thing Ryan and I have really enjoyed doing is improvising and having backing tracks makes that kind of tough to do, so we find little moments here and there where we're able to do that, but if we're able to incorporate live musicians in the future, I think that'll be great fun.

How's life now the ball is fully rolling for you guys?
Oh it's crazy busy! It seems like its non-stop, it's hard to find a moment to you know, enjoy a movie, but it's been a good problem to have, being as busy as we are.

iDKHOW tour the UK from 25th May.

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