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June 2019

Hype List 2019: Easy Life

 Looking for those good vibes? Leicester’s Easy Life have you sorted...  
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Published: 2:09 pm, December 21, 2018Words: Samantha Daly.
Hype List 2019: Easy Life

From signing to Island Records, playing Reading & Leeds, all the way to performing on Jools Holland; 2018 has been quite the year for Leicester’s genre-bending Easy Life. So, what exactly have they got in store for 2019?

Hey Murray, how does it feel to be in the Jools Holland club?  
We’d always wanted to do that. It was a privilege and an honour to do the show, it was very nerve-wracking, but it was really fun. When our manager dropped us a message in the group chat with the email thread, I just burst into tears; I was going mental running around my parent’s house… it was the least cool thing you’ve ever seen.

You’ve had a pretty busy year for shows, any particular highlights? 
Leeds was really messy; it was the last date in a bit of a run, so we let our hair down a bit afterwards. Dot to Dot was one of my favourites as well, we were on last at Rescue Rooms, and we had the whole squad roll through. It was madness. We took our tops off and everything, when we woke up the next day, it was a bit of a reality check. I love that festival; I’ve been going since forever. Our November tour has had a couple of sell outs, so that’s definitely up there, too.

Up until now, you haven’t stuck to any one genre. In fact, you’ve explored elements from quite a few. What can we expect from Easy Life’s sound in 2019?
We just don’t have a plan. If we did that cross-contamination of genres would not have been as pure and authentic. For us, there are no boundaries. Not in a cliché way, but when we write we don’t have an end destination, it just goes the way it goes. 

I think our sound is always evolving; we’ve just actually been in the studio playing around with all kinds of vibes. I think it’s just important to have an open mind, people that are able to express themselves best have very eclectic tastes.

In terms of next year, I have no idea. We could go all R’n’B… but probably not. Who knows?

Any early plans for an album? 
We’ve spoken about it, but I’m not stressed. When it happens, it will happen. I obviously can’t wait to create and manufacture our debut album, but when the time’s right, I think it will be very obvious to everyone. 

What are you up to for the rest of this year? 
We’re in the studio pretty rigorously from our November tour until Christmas, we might release some music, but I’m not sure what form it will be in. I’m just going with it; I think it’s just important to keep being prolific and getting music out there. 

What’s on your bucket list for 2019?
Skydiving. We’re actually going to America next year which is crazy! Apart from that, I need to take my mum out for dinner more; I wish I was more all over that. 

What would you most like to achieve with Easy Life?
I’d like to do interesting collaborations with people that we respect. I can’t name drop, but trust me, when it bangs on your local radio station, you’ll know.

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