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December 2020 / January 2021

Husky Loops: "We do what we like, so we can do anything"

They're off on tour with Dork Live! this week, 'FYI'.
Published: 3:27 pm, August 09, 2017
Husky Loops: "We do what we like, so we can do anything"
There’s a lot going on with Husky Loops. Debut single ‘Dead’ is a jarring tumble down the rabbit hole while ‘Fighting Myself’ is claustrophobic and pushing against the walls that surround it. They’re technical but human, cutting but full of heart. It’s all a bit bizarre, but they’re never out for the shock factor. Taking a little bit of everything they fancy, it builds and destroys worlds in a heartbeat, but as far-reaching as it goes, it comes from a very simple idea.

“I just make the music I like,” explains Pietro. “We love music, we listen to it all the time, and we make music we would like to listen to, that’s the broad definition of what we try to make,” adds Danio before Tommaso continues, “We try and be as honest as we can. We don’t write songs thinking people are going to react like that to that; we just do what we like.

Releasing their first song a year ago, the band spent five months working on their self-titled debut EP. It’s a four-track nightmare of dark tunnels, neon descent and rainbow enlightenment. It shows off what the band can do right now. Pulling from the underground, Husky Loops aren’t limiting themselves. Their music might be weird but that’s no reason to stop looking at stars. I can’t say we belong to a specific sub-genre,” continues Danio. “Some bands will say they belong to a scene, but the things we like are so all over the place. This EP is quite heavy, its dark and I’m sure the stuff that will come after will be a shock because we’re going in other directions because that’s the idea.”
“We don’t see ourselves as underground,” reasons Tommaso. "We have many different faces as musicians, and as a band, we’re trying to show the different aspects of what we one after the other.” With only four songs Out There, Husky Loops have already opened doors, windows, fire exits and secret entrances behind wardrobes. Where they go next is anyone’s guess.

"pull" text="Every time we do a new song, I try and learn something new.

“I get bored very easily,” starts Pietro. “We get bored very easily. It’s down to what you like. We do what we like, so we can do anything. We’re free to do whatever we like.”
“We’re now in a generation where everybody listens to everything, so when you make music, why shouldn’t you make everything?” asks Danio. “You listen to everything so I don’t understand why I should only be in one genre. We’re in times that are definitely post-genre.”
The reaction to their first EP, “gives you strength to think people understand what you do,” and their second is almost done. Inspired by love. Complex relationships and the new Kendrick Lamar album, “There’s a lot of variety, it shows the opposite faces of what we do,” teases Tommaso. “It’s more extreme on both sides; You’re going to get even more quiet stuff and even more loud stuff. It’s about broadening the spectrum of what we do, all the time. Every time we do a new song, I try and learn something new otherwise, why would I be interested in doing it?” asks Pietro. “When you see us live, I want you to see that I’m struggling to play something because it’s new, otherwise I’m just this maverick that can do it all and if you want that, go and watch a drum machine.”

Writing music sees the band bring ideas into the room, before the others kill the idea, and use the parts to build something new. It’s then passed from person to person, being destroyed, rebuilt, sampled and twisted, “until you get to a stage where you ask, what is this?” They’re not precious about their music, with their own enjoyment above everything else but really, the idea is simple. “Keep it bold.”

Taken from the August issue of Dork - order a copy below. Husky Loops are on tour from Thursday 10th August.

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