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December 2019 / January 2020

Honeyblood's Essential Scottish Bangers

Cat and Stina have compiled a playlist of their essential Scottish bangers.
Published: 11:00 am, August 05, 2016
Honeyblood's Essential Scottish Bangers
Scottish duo Honeyblood play Scottish festival Electric Fields at the end of this month, so Cat and Stina have compiled a playlist of their essential Scottish bangers.

Stina Tweeddale

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Hammer Song 
My dad got me into SAHB when we used to watch re-runs of the Old Grey Whistle Test. I love 70s rock, especially stuff that has a theatrical twist. 

Arab Strap - New Birds
My best friend made me a mixtape when we were about fifteen and introduced me to Arab Strap. They’ve recently reunited which is very exciting. 

Martha Ffion - No Applause
When Claire put this song online, I must have listened to it a good twenty times and then asked her to support Honeyblood at our next Glasgow show. Be prepared to fall in love. (This isn't on Spotify yet - we've embedded it below - Ed)

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Cocteau Twins - Aloysius
A friend at school gave me a copy of Heaven or Las Vegas and I bought ‘Treasure’ from a guy clearing out his LP collection. I love ‘Treasure’ the most because it’s dark in parts whilst still so beautiful.

The Waterboys - Fisherman’s Blues
I got given Mike Scott’s Adventures of A Waterboy as a Christmas gift from my Uncle and have just started reading it. He has written some great songs with universally touching lyrics, which really is the end goal. 

Cat Myers

Idlewild - A Film For The Future
Around 15 years ago I moshed so hard at an Idlewild gig that I passed out... twice. They don’t make mosh pits like they used to.

Hidden Orchestra - Wandering
Two amazing drummers, epic soundscapes and awesome live shows. 

Belle & Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
This tune brings back great memories from the East Coast American tour we supported them on last year.

Mogwai - Remurdered
So much love for Mogwai. They’ve been on my Discman / minidisc player / MP3 player and iPhone constantly for well over a decade! 

Average White Band - Cut The Cake
Total classic! Funky as and still fresh. 

Give all this a try

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