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December 2019 / January 2020

A different line-up, a new album, a summer of festivals - it's all going on for Honeyblood

Dork has a super-quick festival-y catch up with Stina before it all kicks off.
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Published: 11:47 am, May 09, 2019
A different line-up, a new album, a summer of festivals - it's all going on for Honeyblood

Honeyblood's Stina Tweeddale has a big summer ahead: about to drop the band's new album 'In Plain Sight' (out 24th May), it marks her going it alone for the first time in bloody ages. The record will also see her taking on a seemingly never-ending run of tour dates and instores, including a handful of festival sets at the likes of Citadel (14th July) and Latitude (20th July), and a spooky headliner at London's Electric Brixton (31st October). We had a super-quick festival-y catch up with Stina before it all kicks off.

Hi Stina! Congrats on your new album. Are you looking forward to the year ahead?

I am! I feel we’ve all had a very turbulent 2018, let’s hope 2019 picks up.

It must feel a bit odd no longer being part of a duo, but nice to be in total control now?

It’s great to have progress. I’m enjoying the adventure of taking my music somewhere new and uncharted. It’s a new lease of life for me.

Do you have a band you’re taking with you to festivals and stuff?

I do have a band! They’re amazing, and I’m so excited to introduce them to everyone. You’ll love them, I’m sure!

Where can we find you playing this summer? You’re at Citadel, right?
HB played Citadel a few years back and had an awesome time, so I’m really happy we’re returning. I’m already praying to the weather gods for sunshine.

On a scale of 1-10, how enthusiastic are you about camping?
I never get to camp as we usually have to leave after our set so I think I’d be up for it. As long as I had some great camping clobber - that makes the difference, right?

Have you ever had any disasters or mishaps at festivals?

We lost our car key at Bestival one year and had to get all the way back to Glasgow without a car… It was an adventure for sure.

What in your opinion makes a perfect festival?

Good vibes, lovely crowds and great scran. If you’ve got all that a little rain won’t spoil your weekend.

Do you have any must-have items that you always take with you when on the road?

At festivals, I carry about this little tube of glittery anti-bacterial hand wash in the shape of a dog. It’s so cute; I love meeting people in the loo queue and dishing it out. Hygiene is very important, and it can be cute too.

Anything else we should know?

New album out soon! ‘In Plain Sight’, 24th May on Marathon.

Taken from the Dork Festival Guide 2019. Honeyblood play Citadel (14th July) and more.

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