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December 2018 / January 2019

Hero Fisher’s early years playlist

Hero runs through the tracks that meant a lot to her growing up.
Published: 8:46 am, September 07, 2017
Hero Fisher’s early years playlist
Hero Fisher has not long returned with new single ‘Push The Boat Out’, an enchanting pop ditty in the vein of Lana et al. With it comes a charmingly nostalgic video (watch here) featuring a bunch of family videos from her younger years.

To celebrate, Hero has put together a playlist featuring her fave tracks to listen to while she was growing up - from old covers she’d sing, to songs she shared with her mum.

Cat Power - Bathysphere (smog)
I used to sing a cover of this. "Silver swordfish, electric, I can feel a dream down here," "I want to live in a bathysphere". I love this song.

Smog - Dead River
This was one of my grumpy teenager songs.

Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine
This put me on to Nina Simone- although it probably should have been the other way round. I like the word "heady".

Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm
I remember being about 15 and being stuck for hours at a train station somewhere in Brittany with only one cassette, ‘Blood On The Tracks’. I love Bob Dylan more than most things.

Elliott Smith - I Didn't Understand
This is a good adolescent blues song. Song for feeling crushed.

Roy Orbison - Crying
My mom knows and sings all the words to this beautiful song. Really reminds me of being a kid.

Billie Holiday - I Cover The Waterfront
Billie is the best singer of all time (in my opinion). The lyrics of this song melt my heart. I spent many teenage years trying to imitate her vocals.

Diana Ross & The Supremes - My World Is Empty Without You
My mom played A LOT of Motown round the house - this one is dark.

Elvis Costello, Indoor Fireworks
This is song writing perfection, I believe.

Leonard Cohen - The Stranger Song
All three songs below are good for the rambling, lone, free spirit. 

Joni Mitchell - Cactus Tree

Melanie Safka - I Really Loved Harold 

Henry Hall & His Orchestra - The Teddy Bear's Picnic (1932)
And finally, this is from my younger childhood. Totally Brilliant. My band and I are working on a cover of this. 

Give all this a try

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