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September 2019

Here are Fluffer’s top ten Deap Vally tracks

Wrap your ears around some of Deap Vally's best bangers ahead of their upcoming Pit Party.
Published: 1:25 pm, August 17, 2017
Here are Fluffer’s top ten Deap Vally tracks
Next week, Deap Vally are playing the second of a handful of Fluffer Pit Parties, a series of super secret gigs taking place in London (pick up your tickets here).

The idea is pretty simple: we have the dates, and we have the bands, but where will they play? You’ll have to wait and see: ticket holders won’t be emailed the address until 24 hours before it all goes down.

To celebrate the carnage that awaits, Fluffer have put together their Top Ten Deap Vally tracks - everything from early songs like ‘Walk Of Shame’ and ‘Raw Material’, through to latest single ‘Julian’.

Turn the volume up and plug in, it’s time to get loud.

The classic! Pounding drums. A riff to wake the dead. Full on fuzz. What is not to love.

That opening riff does what it says on the tin. Can not wait for the sing along at pit parties to this one!

Softer vocals than most of the other songs. An anthem for disenfranchised youth. Vital.

Delivery of the vocals place Lindsey as one of the best in the world. Raw, 110% unadulterated attitude. And that riff. Massive.

From the first Sistrionix album. Love the attitude and energy. Drum beat across the toms rocks hard. No one likes a creep.

Slower paced, more foreboding than previous tracks. Works a treat. Again the fuzz is something special. Gonna have to find out what pedals Lindsey uses.

Manic. Opening bars feel quite Metzy. Pit will go off for this. Magical work around the toms from Julie.

Love this slower acoustic number. You can't argue with the lyrics. Haters gonna hate.

9.34 of pure bliss.

The latest single from Lindsey and Julie. Love the way the drums and main guitar riff intertwine. And then the chorus feels like it s gonna take off. Real head fkr.

The remaining Fluffer Pit Parties are as follows: Deap Vally (23rd August); Japandroids (30th August); Spring King (15th September); Black Lips (24th November).

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