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Here are 25 of August's best new bangers

August was blessed with more than its fair share of bangers.
Published: 11:18 am, September 01, 2017
Here are 25 of August's best new bangers
August was blessed with more than its fair share of bangers. It was also a month full of festivals, so we’re not blaming you if you missed a few of them. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve gone through our records and picked out 25 of the best new tracks from last month. Why 25? Well, you have to stop somewhere. We’ve not got all day, Dear Reader.

From the brilliant Pale Waves to our glorious leaders Wolf Alice, via pop-Pinocchio Beck and his ‘honest, it’s coming’ new album, there’s all sorts of brilliant stuff to get your teeth into. Check ‘em out below.

Pale Waves - Television Romance

The Queen of August’s banger patch, ‘Television Romance’ marks out Pale Waves as one of the most exciting bands on the planet right now. They firmed that up last weekend with a 14/10 set at Reading 2017 too. Expect big things.

Bully - Feel The Same

Bully thrilled us with their debut album back in 2015, and they’re all set to do it again next month when they drop the follow up, ‘Losing’. Here’s the first taster from it.

Everything Everything - Desire

Last month, Everything Everything dropped their brilliant new album ‘A Fever Dream’. Packed with grade A bangers, here’s one of the very best of the bunch.

Enter Shikari - Live Outside

We’re not sure what Enter Shikari have been drinking, but we’ll certainly have a round if it makes you write brilliant odd-ball bangers like ‘Live Outside’. Their new album, out next month, should be well worth a listen.

Estrons - Glasgow Kisses

We already know Estrons are brilliant, but there’s no harm in getting another punch in the gob from one of the best new bands about, just to make sure nobody forgets.

DZ Deathrays - Shred For Summer

DZ Deathrays are back! DZ Deathrays are still great! These things go hand in hand, really. Check out ‘Shred For Summer’ below. You can probably get another couple of weeks out of it before autumn.

Daughter - Burn It Down

Written for the soundtrack of a new game, Daughter’s latest shows that their exceptionally high bar of quality shows absolutely no signs of dropping even an inch.

The Horrors - Something To Remember Me By

The second cut from The Horrors’ new album, due later this month, is a slice of glorious synth pop perfection. It’d be too much to say we didn’t know they had it in ‘em - this is the ever shifting Horrors, after all - but blimey, it’s brilliant.

Bad Sounds - Living Alone

Bad Sounds don’t make bad sounds. Actually, they make very good sounds. ‘Living Alone’ is further proof that 2018 should be a great year for this bunch.

Bad Nerves - Radio Punk

Spunky indie punk anthems are sort of what we do. They’re definitely what Bad Nerves do, too, with this absolute banger. The kind of track that grabs you by the shoulders and shakes until your eyes come loose, it’s probably safer if you stick it on willingly.

Wolf Alice - Beautifully Unconventional

Wolf Alice, leaders of all that is true and good, are back with their super anticipated second album ‘Visions of a Life’ at the end of the month. This, the third track we’ve heard from the record, proves that it’s virtually impossible to pin our heroes down. Sassy and superb, we defy you to get it out of your head for at least a week.

Fickle Friends - Vanilla

Fickle Friends dropped their ‘Glue EP’ last month. The title track is an undeniable banger, but so are the other two new tracks contained within - especially this one, ‘Vanilla’. It’s anything but what it says on the tin.

Nothing But Thieves - Im Not Made By Design

As Nothing But Thieves ramp up to unleash their ‘Broken Machine’ next week, they’re continuing to prove they have an ear for a banger. Following up on the really quite brilliant ‘Amsterdam’ comes ‘I’m Not Made By Design’.

Dream Wife - Fire

Dream Wife are on fire. And also on ‘Fire’, because - y’know - their new track is lit. Look, they called it that. Not us.

LCD Soundsystem - tonite

September sees LCD Soundsystem return with their first album in seven years, ‘American Dream’. Before that, though, they dropped ‘tonite’ as a single - and it’s predictably brilliant. Everything they do is. Obviously.

IDER - Learn to Let Go

IDER like yellow. We like yellow too. And IDER, who’s consistent awesomeness is starting to get more than a bit addictive.

Blaenavon - The Monte Carlo Kid

Blaeners dropped a new EP last month. With a few new tracks, they’ve more than proved their debut album was far from a one off.

Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks

Alvvays drop their second album next week. This, the latest track to be taken from it, proves that nobody does indie gorgeousness better than this lot. Swoon.

GIRLI - Hot Mess

And thus, GIRLI did up the stakes with a thermo-banger for the ages. She’s been brilliant before, but ‘Hot Mess’ is next level awesome. Attitude to burn, she’s setting herself up to be a bonafide pop icon.

The Rhythm Method - Something For The Weekend

The Rhythm Method may well be the future. Of pop? Sure. Of music? Yeah, go on. We were thinking of, like, everything - but have it your way if you like. Effortlessly brilliant, they’re one of a kind.

INHEAVEN - Stupid Things

With their debut album here, INHEAVEN have nothing to prove anymore, but if they did, ’Stupid Things’ would do the job. A band incapable of not writing bangers, we’re pleased to report they’re at it again.

Beck - Dear Life

/> Remember that Beck album? Well, it’s coming. Apparently. We’d not trust him either, but Mr Hansen is at least showing us some of his working with the delightfully peppy ‘Dear Life’. Still, we’ll believe it when we hear it all. We’ve been burned before.

The National - Day I Die

The National’s new album arrives this month, which is always a cue for some high quality, classy excitement. The latest cut from it, ‘Day I Die’, proves they’re a band meeting their high standards. The signs are good.

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - Over Everything

Court and Kurtney is the team up we never thought of but should have been asking for. Back when they announced it was coming, it felt right. Now we have actual music to hear, it sounds even better.

Violet - Feel

Midlands up-and-comers Violet dropped their debut single. ‘FEEL’ – out on 15th September via HolyHowl – is a properly infectious guitar-pop banger that’s influenced by the very best of 90s Britpop and grunge; it’ll hit you right in the feels.

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