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September 2019

Henry Cox from Boston Manor's Top 5 rock-ish bands to check out this festival season

Does what it says on the tin.
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Published: 11:20 am, May 23, 2019
Henry Cox from Boston Manor's Top 5 rock-ish bands to check out this festival season

Ahead of this weekend's Slam Dunk, we asked Henry Cox from Boston Manor to tell us all about his Top 5 rock-ish bands to check out this festival season. Take it away, Henry...


Not sure where they’re from; somewhere down south but they’re wicked. Moody riffs and super cool melodies. I managed to catch these guys on the introducing stage at Reading & Leeds last year, and I was blown away. If you’re headed to R&L this year, then make sure to catch them on the Festival Republic.

Trophy Eyes

Making a quick stop on their way to world domination the Aussies will be playing Slam Dunk in May this year. Triple J favourites and selling venues out all over America and Australia, they’ve been making waves with their latest venture ‘The American Dream’. The record’s great and they have a mental live show to boot; don’t miss it.


Sold out venues all over the world, nominated for a BRIT Award; their album ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ was my favourite (and many other people’s) of last year. This abrasiveness goes mainstream only once in a blue moon. This is a movement; don’t stay indoors. They’re playing a handful of festivals this year including All Points East and Isle OF Wight.

Angel Du$t

One of the Baltimore ‘Pop Wig’ projects. Perhaps somewhat lesser known than its sister bands Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice, but a personal favourite of mine. This is a really interesting project; it’s genre-bending, it’s fun, and it’s punk as hell. Their new album ‘Pretty Buff’ just came out on Roadrunner, and I love it. They’ll be playing this year's Slam Dunk, and I’m gonna be there watching them; you should too.


Immensely talented four-piece from London; huge hooks and something that treads a very measured line between rock, indie, pop and alternative. I saw these guys at R&L last year, they were ill and still put on a brilliant show; I’m gonna try to catch them this year on the Radio 1 Stage.

Taken from the Dork Festival Guide 2019. Boston Manor will play Slam Dunk (25th-26th May) and Reading & Leeds (23rd-25th August).

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