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September 2019

Hajk's Norwegian electro-pop playlist

Celebrate the band's debut album with a few electro-pop bangers.
Published: 4:22 pm, May 10, 2017
Hajk's Norwegian electro-pop playlist
Norwegian band Hajk have just dropped their self-titled debut album, and to celebrate they’ve put together a playlist chock-full of what will soon be your new electro-pop faves.

Billie Van - 'I'm Totally Fine With It'
Billie Van's new single 'I'm Totally Fine With It' is a song we have listened to over and over again on repeat lately.
We love the melody and how the lyrics fits in every phrase. The big sound is perfect for the song, and the music video is also great!

Gold Celeste - 'Can of Worms'
Such a beautiful production! This song leaves you floating on a cloud of laboriously tweaked drum parts, airy flutes and hazy vocals. Reminds us of a faded photograph of a happy childhood memory. Every sound seems routed through at least three layers of prehistoric gear. A perfect song for lying buzzed on the beach.

Band of Gold - 'But in the Movie Baby'
We fell in love right away with their song 'But In The Movie Baby'. Sometimes a dry synth-bass, steady minimalistic drums and airy clear vocals, is all you need in the world.

Jakob Ogawa - 'All Your Love'
The song 'All Your Love' opens a door to a mini-universe with thick drums and breezy guitars, where the sun shines constantly and there are free drinks for everyone for ever and in all eternity.

Pelicat - 'The Doctor'
Brand new song from one of Norway's most easy going and coolest bands. 'The Doctor' is an in-your-face pop gem with taste of late/post Beatles, the Strokes and even Frank Zappa. Nice one!

Give all this a try

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