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November 2020

Glass Animals: "It's been cool. I'd give 2016 a gold star"

This year saw the release of Glass Animals' new album, 'How To Be A Human Being'.
Published: 3:45 pm, December 20, 2016
Glass Animals: "It's been cool. I'd give 2016 a gold star"
They released one of the best albums of 2016, they're one of the best bands of 2016, they made several appearances in Dork's Readers' Poll 2016, and they appeared on the cover of the best music mag of 2016. Ahem. Glass Animals' Joe Seaward looks back on an exciting year, and fills us in on his Christmas plans. All the kids will be playing Werewolf over the festive season, it seems.

Hey Joe, what have been your defining moments of 2016?
Well, this year we released our second record, 'How To Be A Human Being'. It's been really great having it out in the world. We made it too, earlier in the year. That was great fun. Since it's been out we have toured America, the UK and Europe. Met some lovely people and partied pretty well. That was pretty rad. Ed moved house. We all had birthdays. It's been cool. I'd give 2016 a gold star I think.

Are there any news stories that have particularly affected you this year?
Some guy is in charge of America. Britain decided to be more unpopular than it already was. Terrorism sucks. I think the standout news story this year goes to the super moon. I didn’t see it, it was very cloudy, and there was a building in the way but apparently it really was super.

What’s your album of the year?
[Radiohead's] 'A Moon Shaped Pool'. Because it's better than the other records released this year, don't you think?

Where will Glass Animals be this Christmas?
AT HOME. With friends and family. It's going to be blissful. We are going to have a Glass Animals Christmas party at some point too.

What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink at Christmas?
Mulled Wine to drink and brandy butter by the ladleful to eat.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
Life? Probably life to be honest. Thanks, Ma.
I got a Micro Machine Island once. That was the happiest I’ve ever been at Christmas. Then my Grandpa drunkenly stumbled into it and smashed it to pieces.

If you went carol singing what would you sing?
12 days of Christmas. NEXT QUESTION.

Do you have any favourite Christmas party games?
Aim of the game: Find the werewolf/don't die.
Rules: Turn all the lights in your house off, find 9-15 friends/family. Werewolf gets chosen at random, they have to murder the villagers (everyone else) and not get caught. Each round consists of one murder, and then a village meeting where everyone, including the werewolf, has to try and find the werewolf by saying what they have seen (werewolf needs to deflect attention). If the werewolf isn’t found, the game continues. Every time a villager dies, they become zombies and have to scare the shit out the rest of the players in the dark. It's the best game. And I haven’t explained it well. Look it up or ask me some time.

What will you be doing this New Year’s Eve?
Almost certainly playing Werewolf.

Do you have any resolutions for 2017?
No. I’m still doing 2014's resolution which was to stop eating meat. One at a time.

Who do you think will be the biggest new band of 2017?

What one thing would you most like to happen during the next twelve months?
I'd like to sit by a beach and drink a piña colada. I'd like to travel the world some more playing music with the dudes. we are going to Australia and south America where we haven’t been as a band yet. We are playing Brixton Academy, I'd like that to happen. I'd like to get to Japan. I'd like to see the new series of Stranger Things. I'd like to play some festivals in the summer. I think that might happen. 2017 hopefully will get a gold star too.
"stopper" ]

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