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December 2020 / January 2021

Girli: "I'd like to force Donald Trump out"

Girli has high hopes for 2017.
Published: 5:36 pm, January 04, 2017
Girli: "I'd like to force Donald Trump out"
In Dork’s December/January issue (feat. The 1975, out now), we tackled a bunch of our favourite new bands - the ones whose gigs buzz with excitement, who inspire more devotion in their fans than Emmerdale does from our grans, and who will undoubtedly make 2017 special. Girli answers a few Qs in-between sticking up call girl hotline leaflets onto her new bedroom wall.

How have you found 2016 so far? What was the most exciting thing that happened for Girli?
It's been pretty sick!! Probably playing my first headline shows in London and going on tour with Oscar have been the highlight. Then again, I did also interview Mel C. You decide.

How was your tour with Oscar? Do you guys get up to many hijinks when you’re together?
Oscar is one of my bezzies and tour was fucking funny. Lots of pranks and in-jokes and dancing. We played a gig out of the tour van in Manchester for some kids who weren't allowed into the venue coz of stupid age restrictions. That was awesome.

What do you think has been the biggest music-related news story of 2016?
The deaths of David Bowie and Prince. They made music what it is today and to be honest I never thought they would die. I thought they were immortal.

What song would you crown banger of the year?
‘Sexual’ by Neiked. It was the ultimate jam of the Oscar tour. We played it in the van, in the dressing rooms, before we went on stage. BANGA.

Do you have much planned for next year yet? It’s gonna be busy, right?
Next year's gonna be busier than any other year of my life I think - there are loads of releases planned and I know there's gonna be touring happening. 'Excited' is the word.

In twelve months time, what would you most like to have achieved that you haven’t already?
I'd like to have played shows abroad. And have forced Donald Trump out.

We’ve had a bunch of ‘surprise’ albums land of late - who would you most like to drop one out of the blue in 2017?
Lorde needs to come out with that second album. I'M WAITING. And a blast from the past too, like Avril Lavigne. If another Frank Ocean album dropped I'd have to give him a high five for that.

If you could wave a magic wand and have one thing of your choosing happen in 2017, what would it be?
That there's a genuine revolution in America against Donald Trump. The world needs to actually do something about that rather than just be outraged.

Who do you think will be the biggest new band of 2017?
My friend Suzi Wu. She's gonna take over the world with her music.
"stopper" ]

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