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Girli: "I've been going through a massive moment of artistic change"

Catch Girli at Etc. tonight.
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Published: 11:46 am, July 26, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Girli: "I've been going through a massive moment of artistic change"

Today marks the fourth and final show of Dork's Old Blue Last residency, Etc.. For this year, anyway. Held in ‘fashionable’ East London’s Old Blue Last each Thursday night across July, we’ve booked some of our favourite new acts to play free shows, showcasing some of the very best new talent around. 

Next up, we’ve Girli - who we're reliably informed is going to make it go off later. If you're heading over, get there early. Seriously, don't say we didn't warn you.

Hey Girli, how's it going? Enjoying summer?
It's going! Summer is bliss, but also a daze that once you leave school has no clear beginning or ending. So it just creeps in, and before you know it, it's here! and then just like it arrived, it creeps out so quickly and then it's gone in a flash. I get very nostalgic and introspective around summer. 

What have you been up to lately, then? Your new single 'Day Month Second' is great.
Thanks! I've been going through a massive moment of artistic change, developing my style and writing a tonne of new music that is way more badass and pop and confidently me. My new single, 'Day Month Second', felt like the start of GIRLI 2.0. A sassier, bolder, more mature version of myself. 

Do you have more new music in the pipeline?
Loads more! This is just the beginning. Watch out, world. 

Is it too early to ask about an album still? Where's that at?
It's coming, but for me the last couple years have been a big developing process; I had to release a lot of music to realise what kinda music I wanna make, and in all honesty, to write better music that I think is worthy of an album. 

What's been your favourite album of 2018 so far?
Janelle Monae - 'Dirty Computer' is amazing. I love her because she’s unapologetically herself, and everything she produces around the music is as important as the songs; the images, the videos (she made a film for this album!); the characters she plays that she attaches to each song narrative. She’s an artist. 

We're super looking forward to having you play a Dork gig with us next month, what's the best thing about a Girli live show?
My shows are hectic haha! But also a safe space for everyone. I encourage people to let go, get wild, and the room be completely free of judgement so everyone can do that without fear. I didn’t really expect my audiences to be as crazy as they are, but they really get wild! Which is cool coz so do I. 

Are you doing festivals, too? You're at Truck, right?
Yep! I played All Points East a couple weeks ago which was crazy! I’m also playing Neverworld, and MTV Gibraltar Calling and have my own headline tour coming up in October which I’m pumped about. 

Are you well-behaved at festivals, or do you end up drinking too much and getting sunburnt like the rest of us?
I’m super well behaved before I play, and then I let loose like a loosey-goosey. Let’s just say if I bump into you at a festival, you’ll remember me for what I mess I was. I might not remember you… but that’s nothing personal. 

What's the best festival you've ever been to?
Boomtown and Glastonbury are my faves. Latitude was the best festival gig I’ve ever done. Hundreds of sweaty moshy people of all ages in a tiny tent going mental. 

Anything else we should know?
Check out my video for 'Day Month Second' and if you like it, stick along for the ride. I’ve got a lot more coming!

Girli plays Etc. at the Old Blue Last, London tonight (26th July) alongside Zand, Lucia and a DJ set from Dream Wife. You can check out the full line-up poster below, and grab free tickets via Dice here.

Girli: "I've been going through a massive moment of artistic change"

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