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August 2020

Getting to know... Walt Disco

The Scottish band tease their new single and a summer of festivals.
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Published: 11:00 am, May 03, 2019
Getting to know... Walt Disco

Walt Disco are one of our fave new Scottish bands. With an EP already under their belts, and a whole heap of top-notch tunes such as striking, vintage punk-infused indie-bops ‘Drowning In Your Velvet Bed’ and ‘My Pop Sensibilities’, they’re gearing up for a busy year of festivals and shows, plus a new single that’s about to drop. Ahead of The Great Escape, vocalist James Potter tells us a little more about what the band have in store.

Hey James, how's it going?

Hiya Dork, I'm good thanks!

When did you first realise you wanted to make music?

I started writing when I was 10 or 11, so quite young, in this little youth group thing. The music I remember being on when I was younger was Queen, Scissor Sisters, and glam rock compilation CDs. I think that started my love for campness, glamour, and theatre in the guise of a pop song. It was when I heard artists like The Associates, St. Vincent and Joy Division between the ages of 15-18 that I wanted to never stop making music.

Is being a musician living up to the hype so far?

I love it so much! I think at this stage of having to work hard and committing my life to it while also being on a very tight budget is tough but completely worth it.

How's life in Glasgow for an up-and-coming band? It feels like there's a lot going on up there at the mo.

It's very supportive, most of the bands up here are friends with each other. Lots of great music coming from Edinburgh and Dundee, too.

You're playing The Great Escape soon, that's a bit of a trek - how do you prepare for such long stints on the road?

We're playing London the day before TGE at the Notting Hill Arts Club so that'll break up the drive a bit. Everyone goes a bit stir-crazy but it's always really funny so we kind of love it. Plus, our tour manager Penny might just be the best person in the world so spending that much time with him is great.

Have you spent much time playing festivals yet? Any particular highlights?

We've not been a band that long, so we've not played many festivals. We ended getting a last-minute offer for the Thursday at Bestival last year. We drove down in a wee four-seater with all our equipment and a tent. Didn't even have room for sleeping bags. Was about a 1000-mile round trip but the show was great, and we got treated very well by the people at the House of Vans stage, so it was all worth it.

What else have you got coming up this summer? Do you have new music on the way?

We do! A single in May, lots of festivals and shows, and we hope to be in the recording studio.

Are you guys creative in non-musical ways too? What do you do for fun?

We all love fashion, so that's a big part of our lives. We've just moved into a new flat and don't have any wifi, so have turned our hands at being interior designers while simultaneously blasting through four series of Line Of Duty in under a week.

Who do you think is the most exciting band or musician around right now?

I could name so many. However, there is a Scottish artist we're friends with called Lizzie Reid. She doesn't have any music out just yet. Seen her a couple of times in the past few weeks and she's almost brought me to tears, beautiful music.

Anything else we should know?

Don't think so - thanks, Dork!

Walt Disco play The Great Escape (9th-11th May).

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