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Getting to know... Vistas

Introduce yourself to newcomers Vistas ahead of their set at Barn on the Farm.
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Published: 5:11 pm, June 25, 2019
Getting to know... Vistas

Edinburgh’s Vistas are riding high off the back of a string of guitar-pop gems and support slots with the likes of Dork faves Circa Waves and Marsicans. They’ve a packed summer to come, too - with sets at Barn on the Farm and Truck, as well as the imminent recording of their debut album. Prentice Robertson introduces his band.

Hey Prentice, how did you guys meet, and whose idea was it to start a band?

We've been friends since school and all been playing music since then really... It was my idea for sure! Jamie and Dylan are my best mates and top lads, so to get to be in a band with them and do what we're doing is wicked. Living the dream, haha!

What would you guys most like to achieve during your time in the band?

Playing to bigger and bigger crowds and touring the world - the standard answer! I think longevity is the real answer to that, in a fickle world of 'what's next' the biggest achievement for artists is to stick it out and make a proper career out if it.

How was your first ever headline tour, was it everything you hoped it would be? Did it all go as planned?

Yeah, it was great and really nice to see all our new fans enjoying our songs. We love touring and defo get tour blues once we get back home, but saying that its nice to get home to our families after a chunk of time on the road... the next year or so is going to be mad with our next UK tour, and us heading to America and Europe to promote our debut album.

You've a few festivals coming up, is there anyone you're especially keen to see this summer?
Looking forward to our fellow Scots Lewis Capaldi [who's headlining Barn on the Farm, 'FYI'] and Gerry Cinnamon, can't wait for The 1975 and Foo Fighters at Reading & Leeds. It's defo one of the perks of the job to play the same festivals as the likes of those guys.

What makes a good festival, do you think?

It has to be the people you're going with; mates make festivals!

What else do you guys have coming up? Lots of new music and stuff?

We're off to record our debut album soon, pretty scary stuff when you say it out loud, but we can't wait to get started. We're going to a live-in-studio down in Margate in August for a month so new music later in the year, yeah.

What do you most enjoy writing songs about?

The writing bit is great don't get me wrong, but it's playing those songs live that's the biggest buzz, seeing people sing your lyrics back, that's the best thing in the world!

Who do you think is the most exciting band or musician around right now?

The 1975 are making some amazing records at the minute with a real message behind their music, looking forward to hearing what they do next for sure.
Gerry Cinnamon is speaking for the people... he's absolutely blown up in the past couple of years, and it's great to see. We had the privilege of supporting him in Edinburgh on New Year's Eve, and it was a moment we'll never forget.

Vistas play Barn on the Farm (4th-7th July), Truck (26th-28th July) and more this summer.

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