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October 2020

Getting to know... T Truman

Give his new EP a listen.
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Published: 5:45 pm, October 07, 2020
Getting to know... T Truman

Working under the name T Truman, The Vaccines keyboardist Timothy Lanham has branched out on his own with a highly-stylised retro-pop solo project, popping out smooth bops like no one's business. It's proper cheerful, super playful stuff, and there's an EP out today (Wednesday, 7th October) too - 'Born To Be Right'. Pop it on, and get to know him a little better via our handy Q&A.

Hi T Truman, how's it going? What are you up to today?

Hey, I'm good, I went to the beach and randomly met a beekeeper- it's pretty lucrative.

Have your days changed much since the pandemic broke out?

I have stayed in Queensland since the pandemic started which has retained some element of normality - I actually think the main problem is not enough is changing day to day and I'm getting itchy feet.

What was the catalyst for you to launch a solo project?

I started writing a string of piano driven songs that came really easily and I was having a lot of fun with them, I felt like they deserved a home in a project.

What was the thinking behind using a pseudonym? Does it offer you more freedom?

I have found I like one step of separation from my lyricism. This allows that. Also funnelling creativity through a caricature helps keep my ideas more streamlined.

If you took your music all the way down the rabbit hole of your own musical fancies, where would you end up?
I like too many artists and genres and I think I would get lost somewhere down there with a lot of unfinished madness.

Does writing songs come easily to you?

I go through phases, currently I am having a little burst of writing so it feels easy at the moment.

Tell us about your debut EP - what's it about? How did you approach curating the tracklisting?

The five songs on the EP are the five that I liked enough to finish, they all relate back to the character of T Truman and a somewhat self-centred outlook on the world around him.

What are the main lessons you've taken away from your time in The Vaccines that have helped with this project?

Productivity and completing the process.

Have you come up against any unexpected challenges?

Nothing I didn't expect, although it is true that starting a new project is a lot of work and how much you put in really is reflected in the outcome.

Where do you hope to take T Truman?

I am going to continue to make the best art I can and the rest will depend on where T Truman takes me.

Do you have any predictions for 2021?

The sun will continue to come up, T Truman will play a show, beyond that is anyone's guess.

T Truman's EP 'Born To Be Right' is out now.

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