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October 2019

Getting to know... Sun Silva

Introduce yourself to Sun Silva ahead of this year's Hopscotch tour.
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Published: 2:20 pm, November 09, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Getting to know... Sun Silva

Fresh from starting his brand new indie show on BBC Radio 1, Jack Saunders is taking his club night on the road for the Hopscotch Tour powered by Utilita this November.

Featuring three buzzy new indie bands - Kawala, APRE and Sun Silva - they’ll start the run in Bristol on 9th November, before moving on to Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, London and Brighton.

Because this sounds exactly like our kind of thing, Dork will be going along for the ride, too. First up, getting to know the bands - meet London collective Sun Silva.

Hey Oscar, Charlie and Sam. Tell us about your band - where did you meet?
We met four years ago at the Royal Academy of Music. Even though we were studying to be classical players, we all love playing other kinds of music so about three-and-a-half years ago we started jamming together. It was pretty weird music at the beginning, a hybrid of lots of genres and mostly instrumental. We started properly writing songs about a year-and-a-half ago.

Have you always wanted to be in a band?
Yeah, we all played in different kinds of bands when we were younger. When we moved to London, I think we all missed doing band stuff. We started playing together just to have a good time and not to really go anywhere particular with it.

Being on the FIFA 19 soundtrack is a pretty big deal, are you lot into football?
It's crazy to be on FIFA, very surreal. Yeah, we are all into football, although we're not the best players!

What else do you have going on at the mo?
We supported Jungle last week at their album launch which was crazy and the biggest gig we've done so far. Right now we are writing a lot and working on demos, which is really fun.

You’re on the Hopscotch tour this November - have you spent much time on the road before?
No, we've never toured as a band before, so Hopscotch is going to be our first taste of it - really pumped!

Are you the sorts to get up to shenanigans while on tour, or are you well-behaved boys?
Haha, we'll find out I guess. None of us are too crazy though, and we've managed to make our live show tricky enough playing-wise that we can't afford to be too unfocused... But who knows, maybe we'll go nuts on tour, not gonna rule it out.

What’s your new single ‘Blue Light’ about?
It's about how addicted people are to their phones and social media. So many people place so much importance on their online social lives, which is pretty scary when you start to think about it. The light that screens emit is known as 'blue ' light, and apparently, it stimulates chemicals in our brain that keep us awake.

Do you have lots of other bangers waiting in the wings?
I don't think we are really in a position to say if our music bangs or not but we really love the songs we've written so far. Can't wait to share more of them!

Taken from the November issue of Dork. The Hopscotch Tour kicks off on 9th November.

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