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February 2021

Getting to know... Porij

The band's new mixtape, 'Breakfast' is out now.
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Published: 10:43 am, November 24, 2020
Getting to know... Porij

Porij, it seems, really like breakfast. The Manchester-based newcomers - a bit Hot Chip, a bit alt-J, a bit Disclosure - have a member called Eggy, another Jammo. Their new mixtape (out today, Tuesday 24th November) is also literally called 'Breakfast'. As a six-track opening gambit, it's a strong start; a smooth and engaging take on modern pop. Check it out below, and get to know the band - Eggy (vocal and keys), Tommy (vocal and guitar), Jammo (bass and keys) and Tom (drums) - a bit better, too.

2020’s been a bit much, hasn’t it, are you guys all okay? What have you been up to this year?

We’re getting by alright! Chaotic good energy. It has all been a bit much, although Biden won, so that’s a relief. All our gigs got cancelled, so we’ve been focussing on writing and recording instead.

Must be weird trying to get a new band going while unable to play gigs, is that impacting you much? Are you able to get shows “in the diary”?

It’s sad not being able to perform together because it had become a big part of what we do and we miss interacting with everyone that came to our shows. We had to find different ways to do that the past six months by getting progressively sillier on social media. We’ve been offered a few gigs recently, but it’s all so up in the air at the moment that we don’t know what’s going to happen.

What brought you lot together then? Whose idea was it to form a band?

Tommy had a load of beats when we were in the first year at uni that we jammed in halls. We got an offer through a friend for a gig at Belgrave in Leeds supporting Tetes de Pois last minute, so we had to write a set in a week. That was our first gig, and we haven’t stopped since.

'Dirty Love' is a bit of an odd one, isn’t it? Where did it come from?

Eggy: I usually use my real life for inspiration, but I was super stressed out at the time and decided to write fictionally as an escape. I dreamed up a weird cult of mischief in my mind. The song takes you through the process of being indoctrinated into the cult ruled by a freaky Queen. We didn’t think it was that odd, but I guess it’s hard to pin a genre on it.

Do you have many songs in the bag ready to go? There’s a mixtape coming, isn’t there?
We’re getting there. We’re lucky to have the time right now to explore so many different sounds and ways of writing. The mixtape is really a culmination of everything we’ve done so far and if you’ve never heard us before it’s a good place to start.

Why a mixtape and not an EP or summat?

We liked the open, less rigid format of a mixtape. We wanted to put covers on there to show music we enjoy listening to as well as the stuff we write. Live, we always love the challenge of taking tunes we really love and making them Porij. Also, debut EPs are scary.

Is there a particular vibe you like to go for with your music? Any lyrical themes you’re particularly drawn to?

Anything and everything is allowed. We like to be open. Just as 'Dirty Love' was complete fantasy, songs like 'Closer' are completely personal.

What do you lot do for fun when you’re not doing band business?

Eggy likes supermarkets, in particular the mystery aisles in Lidl and/or Aldi. Tommy likes making drum’n’bass loud. Tom bought a skateboard a couple months ago and can take a hefty slam. Jammo eats.

What’s next from here?

The mixtape is dropping 24th November and we’re building up to the scary debut EP in the new year. Hopefully, we’ll have some gigs to announce soon too... but only when it’s safe.

Porij's new mixtape 'Breakfast' is out now.

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