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June 2020

Getting to know... PLAZA

"Bolostitcher is trousers."
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Published: 1:54 pm, September 19, 2019
Getting to know... PLAZA

Hartlepool newcomers PLAZA have dropped their latest slice of melancholy 'post-indie', 'BOLOSTITCHER'. It's the first cut from their upcoming 'Wernotplaza II' EP, a deeply personal record that vocalist Brad Lennard explains is about "loss, feeling like everything in your life isn't going to work out and feeling like you have no one to turn to." Here, the foursome team up to introduce their band.

Hey guys, give us the tl;dr for your time in the band so far - what have you been up to?

We've spent the summer renovating our practise room. It is an old converted church in the heart of our town. We have kitted it out with a lot of synths, rugs, a few free couches from gumtree (one of which had a full Kit Kat down the side) and a framed Breakfast at Tiffany's poster which helps us write tunes faster.

Can you remember the first song you wrote together? What was it like, is it still kicking about?

The first song we wrote together is called 'Antumbra'. It's recently made its way back into our live we after a two-year hiatus, and will more than likely be making an appearance on our debut record.

How has your music evolved since then?

Since starting the band, our influences have changed a lot. We have started to include a lot of electronic elements in our music. Experimenting and utilising our instruments differently has opened doors that were originally locked before.

When did you first realise you wanted to make music, did you have a musical upbringing?

Between the four of us, we all had varied musical upbringings, our Swinny's mam is a piano teacher, and his dad is a gifted singer. Brad's grandad plays literally every instrument on the planet, and Will's parents have absolutely no talent whatsoever (but they do make up for it with an extensive record collection - on which William preyed on from a young age). Nicholson's dad is actually Brian May.

Is being a musician all you hoped it would be?

It's a weird one. We love it, but it's a bit like waking up on Christmas morning and thinking ya mam has got you brand new set of Hulk hands, but all she's got you is a pair of Ben 10 underpants. All fun and games though, it's class knocking about with your best mates, going on tours and having experiences that you proper can't buy. HARD GRAFT. Cushty though.

We hear you have a new EP on the way - what can you tell us about it?

Wernotplaza II is a change in musical direction from its predecessor. The tracks are an ode to our progression as a band, we've written songs on there that we would never have dared to before. One of which incorporates a Roland 808 which would have been totally alien to us before this release. We're just happy to be furthering our music's horizons.

What led you to pick 'BOLOSTITCHER' as a teaser track, and what does 'BOLOSTITCHER' mean?

'BOLOSTITCHER' is probably one of the more spooky tunes we've written. We wanted to resurface from the sludge with this one and remind people of the sort of scum bags we are. Bolostitcher is love, Bolostitcher is life. Bolostitcher is the walrus. Bolostitcher is currency. Bolostitcher is trousers. Bolostitcher.

Where does 'BOLOSTITCHER' rank in the 'best Plaza songs' league table?

23rd, above MK Dons.

What else are you guys working on at the mo? Are you gonna have a big 2020?

We've been writing and demoing our debut album over the past year. We'll be heading into the studio over the coming months to make a start. We can't wait to hear it come to life. Hopefully, everyone else is as excited.

Which new bands would you tip for next year?

Crushed Beaks from our label Clue Records, and our bros Leopard Rays from Hartlepool.

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