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February 2021

Getting to know... Para Fiction

The Brighton duo have shared their new single, 'Project 47'.
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Published: 10:00 am, March 06, 2020
Getting to know... Para Fiction

Punk-rap pair Para Fiction - aka Anti Jambo and Coding Dude - are following up their latest EP 'Episode 2: Epidemic' with a brand new track, the ominously-titled 'Project 47'. About "the eventual apocalypse of mankind" (oo-er), it's an early teaser from another upcoming EP, and arrives ahead of what's looking to be a big summer. The Brighton duo tell us more.

When did you two first meet, and whose idea was it to start making music together?

We met on a beach outside Concorde 2 in Brighton at a Drum and Bass rave. We're both into the same music, and we were making punky beats at the time, so it just fitted together naturally in a very organic way.

Can you remember the first song you wrote?

The first song we made was 'Time Debt' which we released recently on our second EP 'Episode 2: Epidemic' actually. It was quite raw when we first made it, but we decided to hold onto it for a while, and it turned into the trap banger it is today. One for the kids you get me.

How has your sound / process evolved since then?

I feel we've always been chasing a sound ever since we started, and the evolution has been us getting closer and closer to that sound. The process hasn't really changed at all. I just think we're getting better with every song or at least we'd like to think.

Tell us about your new song 'Project 47', what's it about?

'Project 47' is probably our grungiest track we've done so far so if you're into your Nirvana or Mud Honey you'll definitely fuck with this one. The song's about the eventual apocalypse of mankind (usual sort of Para content really), nice and cheerful.

Do you have many new tracks done and raring to go?
Well, we've got this EP finished and ready to drop of course which has its fair share of slappers on it. We've also been working on an album and a beat tape which is exciting so keep your eyes peeled for more movements.

What do you most enjoy writing songs about?

Most of the lyrics are our view on life with a slight tongue-in-cheek vibe. We like meme's and like to incorporate them somehow into the lyrics whilst touching deeper subjects.

What's been the highlight of your time as musicians so far?

The tour with Lady Bird was amazing, big ups to them for having us. It was so sick to go around the country with our mates and see so many places and meet so many legends.

What would you most like to achieve during your music career?

Nothing really, just to be able to keep releasing music and have a positive impact on the world... or get signed to Virgin and get shelved then sink into depression and split up over the songwriting credit to 'Wavey Days'.

Music aside, what do you guys do for fun?

Hmm, I dunno to be honest. We just like to hang out with our mates and make music. We don't really do anything else… get licked off the Galahad and drown away our sorrows.

Are you creative in non-musical ways too?
Were into our garms and that but we don't explore that in a super-serious way, we just like wearing different wavey stuff.

What have you got coming up over the summer?

We're playing some festivals, and we'll be doing some Para Presents shows in London the city of dreams, so be sure to come through. Lots of music coming straight at ya with some sick collabs as well.

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