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December 2020 / January 2021

Getting to know... Morgan Saint

Moody pop tunes are the order of the day.
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Published: 9:50 am, August 13, 2020 Photos: Car Astor.
Getting to know... Morgan Saint

On her new EP 'HELP' - billed as her most personal project yet - Long Island up-and-comer Morgan Saint reckons with feelings of turmoil via moody pop tunes that lurch out of the dark, taking no prisoners in their quest for honesty and resolution. "This new music is a pretty big shift for me," she explains. "I really completely rejected and broke down every box that I had put myself in creatively. I haven’t held back on anything, and it feels amazing!" Her third body of work, following on from debut '17HERO' and follow-up 'ALIEN', it's a varied and accomplished step up from an artist set on challenging the status quo.

Hi Morgan, how's it going? Are you having a fun day?

I'm having a pretty good day! It's warm and sunny where I am, so I can't complain.

What first sparked your interest in music, have you always wanted to be a musician?

There are a lot of musicians and singers in my family, so music is something I've been exposed to my whole life. I think what sparked my interest most though, was when I started taking piano lessons when I was younger.

Can you remember the first song you ever wrote?

I can't remember the first full song I ever wrote! But, I definitely started writing little bits of "songs" when I was about ten years old.

What are you most drawn to writing songs about, are there any recurring themes?

I seem to write a lot about love and heartbreak, although I've definitely been exploring other themes lately!

Your new EP is great, how did it come together?
Thank you! It's a group of songs from a big sea of songs that I've made over the past two years. I've gone through some pretty big changes in my personal and professional life recently, so it took a bit of time to finally get it out. I'm really glad it's finally in the world!

Has your way of putting together a project like that changed since your '17HERO' EP?

Oh, 100%. I know so much more about everything, which allows me to be so much more in control of every detail even more than I was when I released '17HERO'. I created this project completely on my own terms this time, which was a very inspiring and empowering process. I function best creatively when I am in full control, and I believe that can be felt in this project. It's the most honest and blunt representation of where I'm at in life right now.

Do you think having a talent for design helps you with your music? Does it feel like the skills are coming from a similar place?

Yeah! Music and visuals go hand in hand in my head. I feel grateful to be a musical artist, because it's a rare job that allows me the opportunity to produce music, write songs, shoot and videos, take and edit photos, design, and create a brand all in one. I feel lucky to have the skills to be able to continue and expand what I create through sound into a visual world.

Do you ever work with other people on their projects, or is everything you do for Morgan Saint?

Yes! I write and produce for and with other people from time to time!

How have you found being a pop star so far, is it living up to the hype?

Lol, a pop star sounds funny to me! I guess I never consider myself that. It's definitely not as glamorous as one might expect! But, I feel really lucky that my "job" allows me to express myself creatively every day.

What else are you working on at the mo?

More music!

Morgan Saint's new EP 'HELP' is out now.

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