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February 2021

Getting to know... Man Of Moon

The Scottish duo are about the head out on an intimate headline tour.
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Published: 12:30 pm, January 27, 2020
Getting to know... Man Of Moon

Scottish psychedelic two-piece Man of Moon - Chris Bainbridge and Michael Reid - have been making waves for a few years now, with buzzy support slots with the likes of The Twilight Sad, Boy Azooga, and Django Django, and a well-received EP that landed just last year. Heading into 2020, they're about to kick off what's set to be a standout year with a run of intimate shows, new material, and that long-awaited debut album...

Hey Chris, how's it going? How were the Twilight Sad shows?

Hey! It's going okay, thanks. The Twilight Sad shows were absolutely amazing! We had such a blast touring with them all around Europe. We all shared a bus together, which was a laugh, pretty close quarters for 5 weeks but would do it again in a heartbeat. We were getting a really good response from the audience at every show which reaffirmed my faith in the music. Canny wait to go back to Europe for more shows, we're back in France in April with more shows to be added / announced.

We hear you have a debut album on the way, what can you tell us about it? Has it been in the works for a long time?

Yes, we do! It is called 'Dark Sea' and will be pressed onto vinyl just like all our previous releases. It's a mix of songs that have been in the set for a while and some completely new unheard tracks. Just like 'Medicine' and 'Chemicals', there are contrasting parts to the album. At certain points, it's very loud and in your face, and at others, it's atmospheric and melodic. We always try to make our live set take the listener on a kind of journey, and I feel the album definitely reflects that too.

How would you describe the record's vibe so far?

The vibe is very in keeping with our usual sound, driving, ambient and loud at times but I also think that there is progression in some of the new stuff and we have opened ourselves up to new vibes for future releases. I think it would be a good album to chuck on and go for a drive.

Are you going to be testing out any new material on the upcoming tour?

Yeah, we are! A few songs that are going to be on the album are already in the set, but we've added in a couple that we haven't played live before so we're excited to see what people think.

How do you prepare for a stint on the road, is it mostly just lots of rehearsals and stocking up on t-shirts?
Yeah lots of rehearsals and working like fuck, haha! When we go away on tour, we obviously don't make money so need to have some cash to come back to or else it's pure shite. But yeah we always like to get the songs super tight before tour and feel prepared with the set, then you can relax a bit on tour and have fun playing the shows.

Are there any shows you're especially looking forward to?

We always look forward to playing Glasgow, I'm sure a lot of musicians would agree that Glasgow crowds are always up for it. Plus it's always nice to play to loads of your pals as well. Last time we headlined London we had one of our best gigs ever, so I'm excited for that one. But we're buzzing to play all the shows really, we're keen to show people some new tunes!

It must be nice living in Edinburgh, is it a good place to be an up-and-coming band?

I actually moved through to Glasgow in 2018, but Mikey still stays in the 'burgh so were split between the two cities at the moment and I just travel back through for rehearsals. Edinburgh is a really stunning city. I grew up in Musselburgh just outside it, which is right next to the sea. I think living next to the sea inspired our sound a fair bit. When I started playing gigs when I was like 13/14 there were lots of great venues open in Edinburgh for up and coming bands, and there was a bit of a scene, but sadly loads of these venues got shut down, and it died a bit. It's something that's happening right across the UK, which is shite. Glasgow has a really strong scene at the moment with loads of good bands popping up all the time.

What bands local to you are coming through at the moment? Do you have any new faves?

There are so many new bands in Glasgow that I'm loving at the moment, but if I had to pick three of my top faves, it would be the amazing 'Lizzie Reid' (if you haven't heard her yet, you will soon). My pal Pete aka 'Wuh Oh' who is coming on tour with us next week, one of the most original/exciting things I've heard in ages and then also' Shredd' who play loud as fuck which I love, haha.

What's the plan for you guys after the tour?

This is the perfect start to what's going to be a busy year for us. We really dying to get this album out there, we finished our bit a while ago, but it takes time to sort all the other stuff out, but it does get frustrating! Once we get back from tour, we will be releasing new music, news on that very soon! More shows to be announced, some in the UK and some abroad and also planning to record some new demos very soon. We are now writing for album two, and we are fucking buzzing about some of this new stuff also!

Anything else we should know?

We've also been working on a Remixes release, that'll come after the album, but there are some cool versions on there, Dave from Django Django has done one which is ace and some other proper banging ones. Trying to hook our buddy Pete (Wuh Oh) into doing something for it, maybe by the end of this tour we'll have him locked in!

Man Of Moon tour the UK from Tuesday, 28th January.

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