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February 2021

Getting to know... Lokoy

Sløtface's Lasse Lokøy is off on his own.
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Published: 12:35 pm, August 28, 2020 Photos: Mohamud Abdirashid.
Getting to know... Lokoy

Sløtface's Lasse Lokøy has head out on his own with new solo project, Lokoy. It's a bit of a turn for the bassist, singer, songwriter and producer, who's put aside his band's break-down-the-door garage rock for something more delicate and glittery. His new track, 'never missed you like i do now' sees him team up with vocalist Chloe Davis, and songwriter Axident (Dua Lipa, MØ, Justin Bieber), ahead of his debut album, expected in early 2021 via Propeller Recordings. Lasse tells us (a little bit) more.

Hi Lasse, how's it going? What're you up to today?

I’m working on finishing more music and right now I’m celebrating the release with my friends at a bar in Oslo.

What led to you launching a solo project then, did you have new sounds you wanted to explore?

Ye, I like the feeling of being independent in musical creations and I wanted to have freedom and possibilities to create music with different people every day. And a solo project is handy if you want to achieve that.

It must be a bit easier during lockdown, not needing bandmates to make music?

True. I’m working a lot with collaborators though. Norway is opening up a bit more than UK maybe?

You've teamed up with Chloe Davis for this new single, do you have more collaborations on the way?


And you're working towards an album? How's it going?

Hehehehe ye, let’s talk about that later.

What do you most enjoy writing songs about?

Topic-wise? I never really think about that at first. I always start with the musical bits and then lyrics are kind of secondary

What are your hopes for your solo work?
Where do you want it to take you?

I just want to see where it can grow from here on. No specific thoughts or hopes!

And what about Sløtface, what's the band up to at the moment?

We're taking our time with the third album. But we're going on a little socially-distanced tour of Norway in September and October, playing some songs stripped down which should be lots of fun!!

Is there anything else we should know?

I’m a bit tipsy right now.

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