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February 2020

Getting to know... Leo Cosmos

Check out the Leeds musician's new single, 'Infinite'.
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Published: 8:42 pm, February 11, 2020
Getting to know... Leo Cosmos

'Bedroom-pop wizard' Leo Cosmos - aka Anthony Phelan - has today released his third single, ‘Infinite’. Out via Dance to the Radio, it sees the Leeds-based multi-instrumentalist and bedroom producer take cues from the likes of Rex Orange County, tackling dark moments via an upbeat, hopeful lens. Anthony tells us more.

Hey Anthony, how's it going? What are you up to at the mo?

All good here. Working on 8 singles/1 EP this year so busy busy busy. Recording alot of exciting music videos with Ben Hale who is a very talented director. Check his work if you get the chance.

Tell us about your time as a musician so far, any particular highlights?

So my project before this was called 'DULAHLI' and we played one of the last 'Soundwave' Festivals in Tisno, Croatia. A proud moment & cannot wait to tour this project around Europe and the world.

What first got you interested in making music?

I was brought up on Northern Soul and had two older brothers who would show me all kinds of music. To this day - our love of music has connected my family. When it comes to producing - FlyLo (GOAT) / Shlohmo and the LA beat scene was a huge influence.

Can you remember the first song you wrote? Is it still kicking about?

Yes I do. The first track I produced was called 'LAX to DIA' under my first alias DULAHLI when I first got happy with my level of producing. It was a beat which sampled a 'People Under The Stairs' and sampled Carl Jung discussing lucid dreams and the power and mystery of the conscious mind. I made it one day and remember knocking on my flatmates door just to record some vocals on a standard 'Sm58'. It's still lurking on YouTube I believe!

What's your songwriting process like?
A track can start with the title and build from there. Most times a melody will come to me instantly after developing a chord progression. I will improvise a vocal on a track I have produced most elements for. All done in my bedroom and on Ableton.

How did your new single 'Infinite' come about?

I was bed-ridden with a flu when I wrote it! Had spent the previous four days not being able to leave my bed and was in a very depressed and lonely state of mind. I decided to write a track after the ultra-lows that alot of people (including myself) find very difficult to open up to anyone else about due to a fear of showing weakness and living in a society where we show ourselves primarily at our happy times. 'Infinite' and other tracks I have written feel very therapeutic to write and finish. It felt like a massive weight off my shoulders when I finished the track. I love the idea of creating happiness for a listener from a very sad moment / subject.

Do you have many songs in your back pocket, ready to go?

Yes - but I have so many more in the works. Look for announcements on singles like 'Magik' and 'Mr.Pink' coming very very soon...

What else have you got coming up? You're at Live At Leeds, right?

Live at Leeds will be the debut festival appearance of Leo Cosmos and the live band so that's shaping to be a very special show. More live announcements around the UK coming soon too.

Is there anything else we should know?

I'm in love with you.

Leo Cosmos plays Live At Leeds on 2nd May.

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