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December 2020 / January 2021

Getting to know... Lauran Hibberd

Check out her new single, ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’.
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Published: 11:35 am, July 25, 2019
Getting to know... Lauran Hibberd

Isle Of Wight’s Lauran Hibberd has just dropped her new single, ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’. Using her trademark irresistible alt-pop to tell a nightmarish tale about a weird dream and its repercussions, it’s an early cut from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Everything is Dogs’. Have a listen below, and get to know Lauran a little bit better along the way.

Hey Lauran, how’s it going? Having a good summer?

Hey Dork! It's going good; things are dreamy. Summer is treating me well, I have an exceptional t-shirt tan, as a lasting gift from Glastonbury, so things are as expected in my camp.

When did you first realise you wanted to make music? Did you grow up in a musical household?

It took me quite a long time to realise. I spent a few transitional years trying out a bunch of hobbies. It’s fair to say I am pretty terrible at near enough every sport or group-based activity. I was always into ‘writing’, and had my head stuck in a book as a kid, so I think for me, the lyrical and vocal came to me first. I picked up a guitar at 14, and could not put one down since. My family are not really musical at all, so I’m a slight anomaly. Therefore it took me a little longer to learn about the good stuff, and not just day time radio. They all dig it, though. They’re super supportive.

How have you found your time as a musician so far, any particular highlights?

It’s been amazing; I feel like I’m riding the biggest learning curve, but it’s really damn worth it. There are so many highlights, touring with Hippo Campus earlier in the year sticks out for me. Playing Shepherd's Bush Empire blew my little mind off. But I think for me, playing Glastonbury will be pretty hard to beat. It was super surreal; I’ve never had a ‘pinch me’ moment like that before. Also, just hearing my tracks on Radio is pretty mad. I was driving home from a band rehearsal, and Annie Mac just started playing ‘Hoochie’, I couldn’t believe it. I nearly crashed.

Are you creative in non-musical ways too?

I like to think so! All of my videos to date have stemmed from my very odd imagination. I have a very distinct vision for what I want this to be, so I feel like there’s a lot of me in this project outside of the musical element as well as in. You’ll find my handwriting and drawings over tour posters for sure. I’m also a bit of a painter, well a wannabe painter.

Getting to know... Lauran Hibberd

We hear you have a new EP on the way, what can you tell us about it?
I do! It’s called ‘Everything is Dogs’. For me, it kind of sums up and highlights specific points in my life over the last year. It feels complete to me, and I’m really proud of it. There’s a track called 'Shark Week' on there, that’s my favourite; she’s a sad girl, but it gets me every time. Having only released singles to date, to be able to get this baby on a record and hold her with my own hands – I’ll be stoked.

And your new single ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’, what’s that about?

'Frankie’s Girlfriend' is based on a dream I had, about a pal of mine called Frankie funnily enough. He had a bit of a nutty girlfriend at the time, and she did not react well to me telling him I had a weird dream involving him. It spiralled very unnecessarily, and here we are. It’s funny to me now, not sure it’s funny to them though. It feels punchier, and a bit bolder to me than my previous releases. I think she’s got a bite.

Do you have lots of songs done and dusted and ready to go?

Yes! I’m an avid writer. So, I always like to make sure I’m writing a few songs a week. I’ve been in and out of the studio a lot recently, finishing off some tracks for the end of the year. I’m excited to keep moving and keep releasing. Because I’ve got lots sat here and waiting to get out.

What’s your songwriting process like?

For me, it either goes one of two ways. It either falls out of me, and I have a song in 30 minutes, or I have to keep revisiting and revisiting old ideas until I get a surge or something new. I’m annoyingly one of those people prone to writing half a song, Mrs. incomplete. So I’m forever arguing with myself about not letting old ideas go to waste. I subconsciously write all the time, singing into my phone, writing lines down I overhear etc. It’s a scatty approach, but it works for me.

What would you most like to achieve during your music career?

I would love to release an album, sell out a Shepherds Bush, Meet Weezer, Support Weezer, Earn some Money, Release another album etc. I just want longevity. I want to make this a career. It’s my dream.

What else have you got coming up?

So I have my EP out in September, a headline tour in October. I have another UK and EU tour towards the backend of the year... which I can’t say too much about, but I’m dead excited! So basically, a lot of playing live, an EP and maybe even a new single in-between.

Lauran Hibberd’s debut EP ‘Everything is Dogs’ is out 20th September.

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