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Getting to know... Kawala

Introduce yourself to Kawala ahead of this year's Hopscotch tour.
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Published: 2:20 pm, November 09, 2018Words: Sam Taylor. Photos: Sarah Louise Bennett.
Getting to know... Kawala

Fresh from starting his brand new indie show on BBC Radio 1, Jack Saunders is taking his club night on the road for the Hopscotch Tour powered by Utilita this November.

Featuring three buzzy new indie bands - Kawala, APRE and Sun Silva - they’ll start the run in Bristol on 9th November, before moving on to Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, London and Brighton.

Because this sounds exactly like our kind of thing, Dork will be going along for the ride, too. First up, getting to know the bands - meet North Londoners, Kawala.

Hey Dan and Jim. Have you lot always lived in London, or did you move in from elsewhere?
We’re both born and raised North Londoners. Apart from a brief stint in Leeds, we’ve never left. The rest of the band are all North London too, apart from our bassist Reeve, who unfortunately is from a town outside Cambridge.

How did you come to start making music together?
The two of us first kicked off playing together when we realised we both wanted to study music at uni. We decided to get together to see what we were both up to and something clicked straight away. Four years on and now we can’t get rid of each other.

We hear you’ve a new single on the way, what can you tell us about it?
We do indeed. We’re so unbelievably excited to get this new music out. The stuff we’ve been working on I’d say none of us have ever been more proud of and just can’t wait to see what people think!

What’s the best song you’ve written so far?
That’s so tough. We’d probably have to say the single we’re about to release. It’s the first time we’ve properly in-depth focused on the power of lyrics, and we’re well proud of these ones. We also tried to use our harmonies in a way we hadn’t before.

Did releasing your 'D.I.L.Y.D' EP open any new doors for you guys?
More than we could have ever had predicted! We’d never officially released music before but to think a year on from that, we’d be where we are. It’s completely surreal!

Are you creative in non-musical ways too?
Well, Jim actually grew up doing a bit of musical theatre so a potential future panto appearance could be on the cards. Other than that, I’d say the talent is endearingly non-existent.

You’re on the Hopscotch tour this November - have you spent much time on the road before?
We can’t wait for it! Not loads but the time we have, have been some of the best times. An acoustic tour in Holland was an experience and early summer we got to go round the UK for all the city take over festivals like Great Escape which I doubt we could have enjoyed any more.

Is there anywhere on the tour you’re especially keen to visit?
Super excited to get back to Bristol as there was such a nice atmosphere there when we played Dot to Dot. Also, Sheffield as it’s the only city on the list we haven’t played.

What else do you have going on at the mo?
We’ve just been working on the finishing touches for our next EP which will be out super soon. Other than that, we’re just trying to write and play live as much as possible and have a great time doing it!

Taken from the November issue of Dork. The Hopscotch Tour kicks off on 9th November.

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