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December 2020 / January 2021

Getting to know... HANYA

Guitarist Heather Sheret introduces dream-pop wonders, HANYA.
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Published: 12:30 pm, January 16, 2020
Getting to know... HANYA

Brighton newcomers HANYA are teasing their upcoming EP with new offering ‘I’ll Do It Tomorrow’. The second cut from the impending 'Sea Shoes' - due in February - it's a seductive, woozy, super-relatable dream-pop ode to procrastination. "The song is pretty much advice to an old friend," they explain. "Be every version of yourself, let go, do it now, don’t wait until tomorrow.” Guitarist Heather Sheret introduces her band.

Hey Heather, how's it going? How are you finding January?

I'm doing pretty good thanks. January sucks cos we live by the sea, and it feels like the sun hasn't risen in a month. But that does mean we've had a lot of time to conjure up some new ideas that we're pretty happy with, so there's that...

Tell us about your band - who are you all, and where did you meet?

We started as a two-piece. Jack and I (drummer) met 10 years ago when I bumped into him on his way to work at Toys R Us (?!), followed by years of hanging out in his shed and playing Tony Hawk. We conscripted Dylan (bassist) after he kept working the same jobs as Jack, and Ben and I met when he was playing with his old band in Berlin five years ago. We're all longtime friends, so it's pretty damn nice.

Are you guys pals with many other Brighton bands?

Jack's girlfriend Maddie plays bass in Porridge Radio who are doing pretty cool things, and Ben has few other bands he plays with. We have a few Brighton band friends such as Ciel, Nancy, Yakul and Penelope Isles. Basically, everyone in Brighton is a musician, so it's hard not to mingle with the local riffraff.

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

Jack and I used to have this argument when we were 16 or so that I didn't want to be a musician because it's so competitive. I've always played music, but find it weird calling myself a musician when I work a regular job and still don't know proper theory, but yeah, I guess I have.

"That's what I love about music, it's like trying to carve out something that's always needed to be found"
Heather Sheret

What was the first record you ever properly loved?
It depends what you mean by properly... you want the cool answer or the real answer?
Cool answer: Grace Slick and the Great Society - Conspicuous Only In Its Absence
Real Answer: Westlife - World Of Our Own

What's been the highlight of your time in the band so far?

Last year we became a fully-fledged four-piece, with my best friends in the whole damn world. So I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. Since then we've confirmed our first gig in the big U S of A at New Colossus Festival in New York this year. Waking up to that email was a killer feeling I hope I'll get again someday...

How's your new EP coming along, is 'Sea Shoes' all done and dusted? When can we hear it?

It's done! We finished it in summer 2019, and have been sitting on it for a little while now. It's finally making its way into the world on the 19th February.

What topics do you most enjoy writing about?

The great part about being the lyricist in the band is playing with meaning. Often I write lyrics using a dictaphone and find something really sticks that I can't stop singing over and over again. At the time I think what I'm saying is meaningless, but eventually, I realise the relevance to what's going on at the time. That's what I love about music, it's like trying to carve out something that's always needed to be found.

What do you do for fun?

Pet dogs, ride bikes, piggybacks.

What else have you got going on at the mo?

We're cooking up some videos and sweet songs for 2020, and getting ready for our Independent Venue Week show with the great Penelope Isles at The Piper on 1st February.

Finally, tell us a secret about yourself?

Errrmmmm, I once got my head stuck in the window of my car for what felt like an hour (was probably about 10 minutes) at a petrol station in Bournemouth. I had to wait for someone to come and shout "HELP" at them till they realised this wasn't a mad ploy to mug them. It was genuinely horrific, but now I understand IT WAS DEFINITELY FUNNY.
I've only told that story to a handful of people, so there you go, internet, have that one...

HANYA's EP 'Sea Shoes' is out 19th February.

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