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Getting to know... EUT

Introduce yourself to Dutch newcomers EUT ahead of The Great Escape.
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Published: 1:13 pm, May 06, 2019Words: Sam Taylor.
Getting to know... EUT

Billed as “youthful, 90s-flavoured post-pop”, up-and-comers EUT have a sound it’s easy to get behind. Ahead of their appearance at The Great Escape, the entire band (“we’re having a meeting!”) fill us in.

When did you realise you wanted to make music, did you have a musical upbringing?

None of us had a particularly musical upbringing, but of course, we all loved listening to music from a young age. Jim and Tessa both started with playing the recorder, and after that, we switched to instruments (drums for Jim, guitar for Tessa) that suited us a bit better. Megan was a tiny ad-libbing baby who loved to sing Destiny’s Child songs.

How did you guys get together?

We all went to the same conservatory in Amsterdam where we studied music. We were all in different classes, but it’s not a very big school, so we all kinda knew about each other's existence. Emiel and Megan were good friends already, and one day Megan wanted to start noodling around with her demo’s, and we arranged a rehearsal. That was about three years ago, and now we’re EUT!

Are you creative in non-musical ways too? What do you do for fun?

Well, Megan really likes to paint on her computer with Pages, and she makes really cool stuff with it. For fun, Sergio likes to play FIFA on his PlayStation, and Jim likes fishing! Emiel likes to fix and modify guitars in his spare time so still kind of musical in a way, haha. Tessa does some bouldering in her spare time but not too often because your muscles start aching like crazy the day after, so not very convenient when you have to play guitar.

What would you most like to achieve during your music career?

Playing live and recording new stuff are the things we love to do most, so there are of course a few festivals on our wildest dreams-list; Glastonbury, Rock Werchter or Sziget for example. To travel the world with your music and making people dance every night.

What’s been the highlight of your time in EUT so far?
Our album release in Amsterdam was probably our sickest show so far! Lots of friends and relatives were there, and it was so great to finally share the album with everyone! And also the support show we did for our hero Beck last summer was like a dream come true for us. We’ve been listening to his music for years, and we all look up to him so it was great to meet him, see him play and we felt honoured.

How long have you guys been working on your debut album, ‘Fool For The Vibes’?

Some of the songs ('Tygo Dex', 'Ping Pong Ball') on the record we wrote when we just started out, of course, we modified them along the way, but these two have been around for a couple of years already. The recording process was a bit spread out because we were touring a lot, so all in all the debut album took a long time, but we’re so glad we took the time to make everything sound exactly the way we wanted.

How would you describe the record’s vibe?

Playful, foolish, sweet, energetic and SEXY!

What challenges did you have to overcome to get to this point?

We found out that communicating things clearly is very important to keep working so closely together. We all have different lives apart from EUT so schedule-wise we have had some busy times, and still have, actually.

You’re in the UK soon for some shows, will this be your first time over? Is there anything you’re looking forward to experiencing while here?

We did one small show in London already during ILMC, so apart from that, these are our first shows in the UK, yes! We are really looking forward to driving on the left side of the road, that will be a challenge, haha.

Tell us a secret about yourself?

We have no secrets! EUT is an open book.

Taken from the May issue of Dork. EUT’s debut album ‘Fool For The Vibes’ is out 24th May. They’ll play The Great Escape this weekend (9th-11th May).

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