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December 2019 / January 2020

Getting to know... Boy Pablo

The boy wonder gives us the low-down on 'going viral', and his new EP.
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Published: 2:57 pm, September 10, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Getting to know... Boy Pablo

‘Going viral’ is a phrase flung at pretty much anything popular on ‘the internet’, but for Boy Pablo it really did happen that way. His video for ‘Everytime’ saw the 19-year-old flung into the limelight, and currently sits at over ten million views. Ber-limey.

Hey Boy Pablo, how’s it going? Having a good summer?
Hey! Yeah, touring with the boys in the US has been super fun!

Tell us about your music career so far - you put some videos up on YouTube, then what happened?
I started out making music in my bedroom about three years ago and released a couple of singles, and then an EP in 2017. With that EP, I released a music video for the song 'Everytime' which went completely viral. That video was out for about four or five months and suddenly exploded. At one point I thought my manager was buying me Instagram followers or something, but it was just because of the video. The rest is history! We are touring North America now, Asia in November and the rest of the world in 2019.

Are you a full-time musician now, or do you still have other stuff going on?
Yeah, right now I’m taking time off studying to do music and tour.

It must be nice to have total control over whatever you do, are you going to stick out the do-it-yourself route for as long as possible?
Probably. We don’t have any reason to do it any other way, at least not yet, haha.

"That video was out for about four or five months and suddenly exploded"
Boy Pablo

Has going viral online led to any kind of backlash? It’s a lot to deal with, suddenly being in the spotlight.
It’s a lot to deal with, yeah, but I think the boys and I have handled it very well. The most important thing to us is that we stay thankful because we all know how lucky we are to be able to do all this.

How have you found your hefty tour schedule this year? Is this your first time spending a significant amount of time away from home?
We’ve been getting a lot offers from around the world somehow, haha. It’s really cool to us! It is weird to be away from home this much, but since we’re all best friends, I don’t think any of us get too homesick.

Where been your favourite place to visit?
Hard to say, cause we don’t get that much time to actually explore the cities we go to. But if I had to name a city, it would be Los Angeles. Good vibes ’n good food.

We hear you have an EP on the way, what can you tell us about it?
I’ve learned a lot after producing the last EP, so I’ve actually spent less time making this EP than the last one. But the songs on this new one are in my opinion better produced. I’m excited to release it.

Music aside, what do you lot get up to for fun?
I like playing FIFA with my brothers. Also watching football with my dad, and also playing football with my brothers and friends. A lot of football.

Taken from the September issue of Dork. Boy Pablo’s new EP is ‘coming soon’. He’s touring the UK this October and November.

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