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December 2020 / January 2021

Getting to know... bdrmm

Check out the band's new single, 'Question Mark'.
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Published: 2:51 pm, July 04, 2019
Getting to know... bdrmm

Hull quintet bdrmm have just dropped their new single ‘Question Mark’ through Sonic Cathedral’s Singles Club. Inspired by the realisation that “being told you’ve done something wrong and believing you’ve done something wrong are completely different things”, it’s a reflective, shoegaze-y slice of fuzz-pop perfect for whiling away a quiet afternoon. Vocalist Ryan Smith introduces his band.

Hey Ryan, how’s it going? How’s Hull at the mo?

I am good (despite nursing the hangovers of all hangovers). To be fair, it’s absolutely chucking it down, proper dull, watching Jon Favreau's new cooking show which is making up for it.

How did you guys get together then, have you been a band long?

I started the project about three years ago solo, recording stuff on my iPhone then decided I wanted to start performing live. I managed to talk my brother into playing bass and old bandmate Joe when we started practising using a Casio keyboard drum machine to jam along to. Then we acquired Danny on synth after meeting him on Tinder, and finally after years of searching for the right drummer, ultimate hunk Luke fell into our lives, and that takes us to now.

Did you have a musical upbringing?

Yeah, I (obviously) played the clarinet in primary school and was always playing on some beat-up acoustic guitar and trying to figure out how to play the piano after school at my Gran's. My dad was a huge music fan, introduced me to Radiohead, electronic music and The Wombats. What a guy

Can you remember the first ever song you wrote together, what was that like?

I think it actually was our single ‘Question Mark’ to be fair. I always used to demo the tracks and then bring them to practise which was always great coz they never came out the way I’d originally planned. That was due to each member of the band adding their own personality to it, which I love. I remember when 'Question Mark' came about, we had a really solemn practice trying to write new material and were just about to call it a day when suddenly the first three chords came from nowhere, and then suddenly we jammed it out straight away, lyrics and all. Our manager immediately said, ‘that’s the next single'.

If bdrmm had a mission statement, what would it be?

Don’t take yourself too seriously; everything’s too short for that. If you believe that statement, our music is probably for you

Music aside, what do you guys do for fun?

FIFA 17. Just non-stop FIFA 17.

Tell us about ‘Question Mark’?

It’s going to be our first vinyl release, out through Sonic Cathedral’s Singles Club, which is a dream considering the artists they have released in the past. We’re also having a single launch at The Social. It’s probably the proudest song I’ve written lyrically too; it’s a slow burner but worth the wait.

Do you have many tracks currently ready to go?

I think we must have at least 150+ tracks demo’ed, but we’re heading into the studio later in the year to lay down 8-11 tracks (make of that what you will).

hat’s your band dynamic like in the studio?
We LOVE recording - we record at the nave in Leeds with Alex Greaves who has become a spiritual member of the band now, so it’s always a pleasure to record. It’s such an exciting experience, hearing that finished track is the best feeling. It’s the waiting to release that’s the bummer! Plus we get to improve our pool playing skills, which is a bonus.

What else have you got coming up over the summer?

We have a couple of festivals coming up, and some pretty exciting releases and dates that we’re stoked to share but until then, we’ll have to leave you waiting.

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