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October 2020

Getting to know... APRE

Introduce yourself to APRE ahead of this year's Hopscotch tour.
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Published: 2:20 pm, November 09, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Getting to know... APRE

Fresh from starting his brand new indie show on BBC Radio 1, Jack Saunders is taking his club night on the road for the Hopscotch Tour powered by Utilita this November.

Featuring three buzzy new indie bands - Kawala, APRE and Sun Silva - they’ll start the run in Bristol on 9th November, before moving on to Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, London and Brighton.

Because this sounds exactly like our kind of thing, Dork will be going along for the ride, too. First up, getting to know the bands - meet London duo APRE.

Hey Charlie and Jules, how long have you two been making music for, then?
We’ve been making music for two and a half years but have only let it out the laptop since April this year.

Have you always wanted to be in a band?
I think both of us always wanted to just write music, no matter what form it took. When we started writing, we thought about including other members, but it never seemed right when there was more than us two in the studio.

What's your favourite thing about being a musician?
Buying drones.

Tell us about your new EP, 'Drum Machines Killed Music'? It began as a dissertation title, right?
It began as [Charlie's] dissertation title; it was an interesting way of looking at how music has developed over the last forty years and finding out that drum machines were such a key catalyst for all the music we love today. The EP is another small movement into the APRE world, introducing some new sounds and colours into the equation.

Did you both go to uni? What did you study?
We both studied music together in Kilburn in London after meeting at Ealing Chess Club a few years prior.

You’ve been likened to Foals a lot, are you fans?
Yeah big fans, they introduced to guitar music.

You’re on the Hopscotch tour this November - have you spent much time on the road before?
We have done quite a few shows up and down the country in our small time as a band and love it, looking forward to spending some time doing it again on the Hopscotch tour in November.

How are you planning to keep yourselves entertained during the many hours you’ll spend in the van?
Charlie is learning French, Jules has just started doing puzzles of Italian seaside towns.

What else do you have going on at the mo?
After just releasing our EP we will be releasing a live video for 'Everybody Loves You' in the coming weeks, then some more music and some more shows!

Taken from the November issue of Dork. The Hopscotch Tour kicks off on 9th November.

November 2018
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