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November 2018

Get Inuit's Live at Leeds photo diary has camels, because that's what Get Inuit do

It stops them getting the hump about the lack of ambient lighting in Key Club, at any rate.
Published: 8:23 am, May 06, 2017
Get Inuit's Live at Leeds photo diary has camels, because that's what Get Inuit do
Last weekend was Live at Leeds. One of our absolute fave new bands Get Inuit graced the Dork stage at the Key Club, so we asked them to keep a photo based diary of the whole thing. We'll be honest, we weren't expecting camels, but we're happy to see them regardless.

Hey Dork/People of Dork/Dork Readers/Dorkers/Dorkoids/Dorknation/Dorkests (erase at wish)

We figured we’d put together a few snaps of our day in Leeds for you because, well, because you asked us to People of Dork (I like that one). We awoke to a discussion as to what readers would consider “great” content, before agreeing that we all strongly dislike ourselves and camels are definitely what people want to see. Perhaps, with a sprinkle of us checking out some bands. Unfortunately the latter was hindered due to the lack of lighting anywhere other than the stage in the tremendous Key Club, which made for great shows but didn’t do our stab at documentarian photography any good.


With every day we spend together as a band, Jamie and I understand more and more what it takes to be the parents of these brothers.

James was so insistent we took a ten minute detour on our way to Leeds to visit Mainsgill Farm. Camels! Turns out they don’t do a whole lot, who knew!?

There’s really a flaw in taking a vegan to a farm. We’re insensitive garbage. Sorry Jamie.

“Don’t get all of it!” Rob yelled – “you’ll give away the set”. He just really wants you to come to our shows for the experience, y’know?

These pair of faces were the first we bumped into, what a way to be welcomed. Fine humans, fine music, fine hair.

The Bay Rays. A delicious band from our homeland of Kent. I also feel Harry could dress up as a very convincing Rick Grimes. I’ve got respect for that… jealous filled respect.

Even sweaty, they’re such a suave outfit. Handsome, talented men.

Leeds was Dead! This quintet sure put on a show, I’m always impressed with their use of the stage, regardless of its size. Love the little lampshades too, they’d go well in my living room.

We rushed our loadout to get back inside to see our good friends Vant bring home the evening, and boy did they do so. I’d struggled to get anywhere near the stage all day, but now it was way beyond my capabilities.

This does Vant no credit at all, the atmosphere in there was phenomenal, it was “going off” as the kids say. The new outro to their set is straight-up fire emoji (also as the kids say? Idk)

The condensation pulsing from all exits of the stage was ridiculous! I’d clean my lens and within three seconds, I couldn’t see a damn thing. I did manage to get Henry looking like a mystical guitar superhuman. That charming man.

It was this weekend that we discovered who we really are within this industry and it’s most certainly Lawrence from the blockbuster smash ‘School of Rock’. This is what an introvert's party looks like.

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