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February 2021

Get Inuit: "I’ve never made a Yorkshire pudding"

Dork: Asking all the important questions ahead of Live At Leeds.
Published: 10:06 am, April 28, 2017
Get Inuit: "I’ve never made a Yorkshire pudding"
This weekend sees one of the first big inner city festivals of the year; we’re off to Live At Leeds to host the Dork stage at The Key Club. Get Inuit will be along too, so we hit up frontman Jamie Glass to make sure he’s ready.

Hey Jamie, what have you been up to today?
I’ve designed an app that turns gifs into jpegs*.

So you’re playing Dork’s stage at Live At Leeds - have you spent much time in the city before?
James (guitarist) lived there for a couple of years. He knows the ins and outs. He knows the nooks and crannies. The do’s and don’ts. He’ll guide us through the dark.
Also we’ve played there a bunch of times. It’s a swell city.

Are you going to try to catch any bands while you’re there?
A VANT / Get Inuit reunion is definitely on the cards. I need to find a way to catch The Big Moon, Bad Sounds, Temples, Slaves, Fickle Friends, Marsicans et al! It’s going to be a pain in the neck to plan this. There’s too many good bands... or not enough bad ones... either way the ratio is off.

What’s the best thing about multi-venue city festivals, do you think?
The babes. But perhaps more realistically, the knowledge that a bearable toilet is never too far away!  And hopefully there will be less ‘bohemian festival glitter’. But mostly the babes.

Do you have any tips for people who haven’t been to this kind of festival before?
Plan ahead. But if you don’t want to feel like you’re racing around, just chill at The Key Club. The sound there is great. And imma let you finish... but the line up is one of the greatest of all time!
(Kayne at the VMA’s is still a relevant meme right?)

What’s your favourite thing from Yorkshire?
The Bronte sisters.

How would you rate your Yorkshire pudding making skills?
Next to none... sorry I mean none... I’ve never made one.

What else are you up to this summer? Do you have big plans?
Nm u? Wanna hang?
Festivals a plenty. A single here and a single there. But mostly, keeping tabs on the footballing transfer market.

Live At Leeds takes place across various venues in Leeds on 29th April. Visit for tickets and stuff.

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