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December 2020 / January 2021

Francobollo: "There’s gonna be some reaaaal bangers coming out"

Catch up with Francobollo ahead of their set at Etc. later.
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Published: 10:34 am, July 12, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Francobollo: "There’s gonna be some reaaaal bangers coming out"

Today marks the second show of Dork's Old Blue Last residency, Etc.. Held in ‘fashionable’ East London’s Old Blue Last each Thursday night across July, we’ve booked some of our favourite new acts to play free shows, showcasing some of the very best new talent around. 

Next up, we’ve Francobollo. Sam (“the non-Swedish, totally English member; the one who celebrated the other day when Sir Harry of Maguire and Sir Dele of Alli vanquished the vikings”) and Petter (“one of the Swedish members of the band, who did not celebrate on Saturday”) from the band fill us in on what they're up to. Other than playing our gig, like.

Hey Sam, hey Petter, what have you been up to lately, then?
We've been resting in between the summer festival schedule. It's a brilliantly exciting time, but definitely one where you grab any moment to lie down and stare at the ceiling/sky blankly for a few minutes. Or cram in some extracurricular work.

Your new video for 'We're Dead' has not long come out - around the time of World Ocean Day and Plastic Free July. What was that all about? Did you specifically want to raise awareness for recycling n’ that?
It started with meeting a great and passionate animator called Samuel Lewis who came to us with the idea. The song has a strong nihilism at its core - we've really made a shitty bed for ourselves - so we wanted to make something that was more active and didn't just repeat the sentiment of the lyrics. We are very aware of how much consumer/producer relationships are making us dumb. So the message is to raise awareness of people taking more responsibility for themselves (us included). We've teamed up with @plasticsoupfoundation this month promoting their #PlasticSoupDiet, raising awareness for how we can cut down on using plastic and reducing the amount of plastic that reaches the ocean. It's gonna be a challenge. But why not. Gotta start somewhere.

Do you lot spend much time at the seaside?
We are landlocked in London most of the time, but any show that veers near the sea we make the effort to go and stare out at it. It's a very calming thing. I've always lived in London, so I am learning the power it has, but the guys have always been very connected to nature being from rural Sweden and having a bag of sticks between them to play with.

How much of your next album have you figured out so far, is it near completion?
It’s hard to say on completion but I know there’s gonna be some reaaaal bangers coming out this year and the next and we can’t wait to show you guys!

When are you planning to have it out?
Probably just at the cusp of summer and get all hippie with it. And some punk. With some shameless guitars and vinyl crackles and drum breaks.

What’s been your favourite album of 2018 so far, and why?
L.A. Salami's new album, 'The City Of Bootmakers', is one the three of us Franco Swedes wrote and performed on, which we're all really proud of! He's a crazy talented guy, and everyone should go see him.
Benin City's new album, 'Last Night' as well! We met those guys at SXSW earlier this year and had a special time with them, and their new record is amaaaaazing!

We’re super looking forward to having you play a Dork gig with us next month, what’s the best thing about a Francobollo live show?
This is pretty much a “you tell me” type question, but I think it’s the way its unhinged without being a mental asylum type of unhinged.
It’s more unhinged like a kindergarten where kids run around like mental all inside this bubble of shared fantasies picking up rocks, throwing balls and painting with their fingers.

Are you going to give us any sneak previews of the new material you’ve been working on?
Oh, hell yeas! And we’re so excited about it you wouldn’t believe!

Anything else we should know at the mo?
We're at Latitude Festival this weekend, playing the Alcove Stage at 7pm! Come party with us!

Francobollo play Etc. at the Old Blue Last, London tonight (12th July) alongside Bad Nerves, Valeras and a DJ set from Dom from Peace. You can check out the full line-up poster below, and grab free tickets via Dice here.

Francobollo: "There’s gonna be some reaaaal bangers coming out"

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