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Latitude 2017

Formation are "taking a lot of inspiration from hip-hop" on album two

"It’s always up to the artist to decide what they want to do. That’s the fun of it."
Published: 6:06 pm, July 14, 2017
Formation are "taking a lot of inspiration from hip-hop" on album two
This weekend, we’re down in lovely Henham park for Latitude 2017. Featuring loads of amazing bands, and a smaller number of equally brilliant sheep, we’ll be bringing you photos, news, reports, interviews and more across the weekend.

Earlier today, Formation stormed their set on the BBC Music Stage. We caught up with them to talk about what they're planning next.

How’s your festival season?
It’s good, this is one of the first we’ve done in the UK this summer festival-wise, maybe the second. I can’t quite recall. Obviously, because it’s one of the major ones it sticks out.

Have you played before?
Yeah, two years ago on the Lake Stage. That was really good, it’s pretty chill.

Have you done European festivals?
Yeah. We did this crazy one in Lithuania, where we had to be walked around by our artist liaison. She had to protect us walking from the venue which was still being built while we were on our way there. She walked with us to protect us from getting robbed. Which we weren’t sure was real or not, we were like, ‘Lithuania’s cool, it’s chill!’ But she was like, ‘No you’ll get robbed’. So that was fun.

Your debut finally came out in March, and with festivals, you’re now sharing it with people who wouldn’t necessarily otherwise find you. How does that feel?
It’s good; festivals are always fun. Although you’re never guaranteed a crowd, there’s a lot less pressure on you while you’re playing because everyone’s in a good mood and they’ve just come to hang out and listen to music. It’s always a good atmosphere; you never get any negativity. Even if only a few people show up, or if it’s a full tent, you’re guaranteed they’re going to enjoy it.

Does the weather affect your audience?
It did last year. We played Festival No. 6, and it was so windy, I think everyone said they got cancelled, because they couldn’t lift the PA. They had to cancel our set. We were standing onstage in a few centimetres of water; it was pretty fucked. Glastonbury last year as well, that was pretty intense. That was really tough, but spirits were high, so it didn’t really matter.

"pull" text="We’ve always said whatever we do next is going to be different.

Personally, what festivals have you visited that you’ve really enjoyed?
Primavera was mind-blowing. I saw Slayer; I was like, “I hope they play ‘Seasons in the Abyss’,” and then they started playing it. They played ‘Dead Skin Mask’, they played ‘War Ensemble’. I saw Gojira as well, the French metal band. Just the festival site, in general, was incredible. We got to stay for an extra day because we were doing a DJ set. It was really good.

What about the future for you guys, have you got plans in your head? What does that look like?
We’ve always said whatever we do next is going to be different, very different. We’re demoing at the moment for the next album or whatever it’ll be, ideas are coming out. There’s some cool stuff. We’re taking a lot of inspiration from hip-hop, we have drum machines and synths. A lot more half-time grooves. I always like it when people grow or change, and sometimes they do it because they need to make some money, so the write hits or focus around hits, but I think it is what it is. It’s always up to the artist to decide what they want to do. That’s the fun of it.

You can read our report from Formation's Latitude 2017 set here.

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