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November 2018

First on... Willie J Healey

He’s just finished up a few dates with The Magic Gang, and the next few weeks see him play with both Gengahr and Hinds. It’s all go for newcomer Willie J Healey.
Published: 10:54 am, October 14, 2016
First on... Willie J Healey

Hello Willie J Healey. How are you today?

Hi Dorks. I’m doing well thanks. I’m currently in LA, have you been to Guitar Centre? It’s crazy.

No mate. You’re touring with a bunch of great bands at the moment - have you played with any of them previously?

It’s a mixed bag. We’ve played with The Magic Gang once or twice but that’s it, I like Gengahr and Hinds though. I’m looking forward to seeing them both live! 

Do you do anything to prepare before going on stage, or away for tour?

Hmm. I tend to get my equipment checked before a run of dates, just for peace of mind. I wouldn’t say I have a pre gig routine. I just try to relax for a few minutes before we go on, just to slow things down a little. I’ve found that the gig just flies by so quickly when you’re tense and rushing! 

Are you well behaved on tour, or do you get up to hijinks?

We’re all pretty sensible. It’s tough to get up to hijinks when you’re driving between gigs & carrying equipment. I’m not really sure how rock stars do it? Mike once spilt some ice in a hotel room. 

Is there a venue you’d especially like to play in future? One that’d mean you’d have ‘made it’?

I’d like to play Glastonbury next, I think it’s doable. I don’t think that playing Glasto means you’ve made it but it’s still a cool thing to do. 

What do you think is the key to putting on a great live show?

I think it’s key to be honest with the people who are coming to watch, let them know what you’re really about. I also think you need to keep things fresh and fun from night to night otherwise you tend to go through the motions... Ohh, the other thing is for each band member to play through at least  two amps. That’s cray cray.

What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

I enjoy everything about playing live! Especially if I’ve been locked away working on new material. I feel like I’m getting cabin fever after awhile so gigs are a way of keeping things fresh & getting a feel for what works & what doesn’t. 

Which of your songs goes down best live, do you think?

Toughy… It really does change from place to place! I’d say that people tend to like ‘Subterraneans’, I’m not sure why though.

If you could design your own stage production, with money and resources no object, what would you do?

I’d probably do a ZZ Top and get the stage custom made into the shape of Carterton. We’d also need some livestock animal props if we were serious about doing the sharp dressed men proud. 

what are you most looking forward to between now and the end of the year?

I’m recording some new songs at the mo, I can’t wait to show people once they’re finished.

Willie J Healey is playing...

14 Oxford What Became of Us fest (w/ Gengahr)
15 Leicester What Became of Us fest (w/ Gengahr)
17 London Groucho

26 Manchester Academy 2 (w/ Hinds)
27 Glasgow Saint Luke’s (w/ Hinds)

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