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April 2020

Dead Naked Hippies' 'Views From The City' playlist

Leeds locals Dead Naked Hippies pick their favourite Live At Leeds bands ahead of this year's festival.
Published: 10:46 am, April 03, 2017
Dead Naked Hippies' 'Views From The City' playlist
Dork’s heading oop North later this month to take over a stage at Live At Leeds, with a line-up that features former Dork cover act VANT alongside other faves Get Inuit, Idles, several bands with 'dead' in their name, and loads more. It’s going to be great.

To get us in the spirit, Dead Naked Hippies' Lucy, Jacob and Joe have put together a playlist featuring some of their favourite local bands on the bill, and some out-of-towners, too.

Lucy Jowett: Team Picture - 'Potpourri Headache'
This elusive bunch seem to be causing quite a stir, their name keeps popping up just about everywhere I look and there is an element of mystery that has me really curious about what they might be like live, awesome I rek?! I'm really into the songs they have released so far, a personal favourite is 'Potpourri Headache' it's delicate in parts yet fuzzy and in your face. The visuals they released for this track are dreamy too.

Lucy Jowett: Jellyskin - 'She Sung Oceans'
These guys are completely mesmerising and take me to shoe-gaze heaven. We had the luxury of sharing the stage with this awesome bunch at an event we curated at The Old Red Bus Station in Leeds in March and they had me in the palm of their hand. Their live set is compelling yet strangely frightening, it's a definite experience. Their moody yet beautiful track 'She Sung Oceans' is a personal favourite. Go see this brilliant band at LAL.

Lucy Jowett (Out Of Town Pick): Dream Wife - 'FUU'
The baddest of all bitches. The warped girl band who are feminine and badass as f*ck. We had the absolute pleasure of supporting these mega babes back in January and as well as boasting some absolute tunes, they were such a friendly and exciting bunch of gals. Their track 'FUU' is ferocious and completely unpredictable, listening to it makes me want to punch things. Do the right thing and go see them at LAL for a completely immersive and energetic live performance, this band is the biz.

Jacob Marston: Weirds - ‘Valley of Vision’
Slick, anthemic and slightly menacing. Their new single ‘Valley of Vision’ is huge and I can’t wait to hear it live. They have been making great music for years now so it’s nice to see them getting a lot of momentum behind them. Alcopop have been responsible
for many of my favorite releases so I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops. If you’re coming to Live at Leeds you’ve got to see at least a couple of local bands, Weirds should be pretty high on your list

Jacob Marston: Wild Beasts - ‘Two Dancers I’
Are they a Leeds band? I think it depends who you ask… Whatever they are, they’re definitely an important part of music in the city. I got into Wild Beasts just after ‘Two Dancers’ in 2009, I would have been 15, their music really changed my approach to my instrument, the unusual drum sound and minimalistic arrangement is still something I consider when playing. They’ve gone from strength to strength with each album and I’m unbelievably excited to see it all come together live. As singers they have eye-brow raising skills, they’re almost too good, if you haven’t listened to them then stick on ‘Two Dancers’ or ‘Smother’ and let it wash over you. Definitely not a band to sleep on.

Jacob Marston (Out Of Town Pick): Trudy and the Romance - 'Sandman'
If you’ve every felt like a hopeless romantic then Trudy’s set is the place to be. Whimsical and groovy you can’t help but get carried away in their charming vibes. So tight as well, you can’t fault the arrangement or delivery, probably one of the most fun bands you can see at LAL in terms of experience. I’ve actually tried to sit behind the kit twice now for this band but alas, it isn’t our destiny.

Joe Clarke: WUZI - 'You Are My Shadow'
Correct pronunciation WUHH-ZI as in Buzzy... Not woo(zy), although this is exactly what you'll be screaming at the top of your lungs if you manage to experience one of their wild shows. We had the pleasure of hosting these guys at our 'Dead Naked Hosts' night back in March at TORBS and they put on an absolue killer performance, featuring some of the best guitar hooks and choruses I've heard for some time, not to mention being alround stand up guys too! Their latest single 'You Are My Shadow' is a stand out track channeling the best of BRMC and Bends era Radiohead, with a sprinkling of Pixies for good measure, make no mistake you do not want to miss 'em at LAL.

Joe Clarke: Chest Pains - 'Blood Pumping'
I'm gutted that we're clashing with these guys as they were up high on my list of bands to watch at LAL. They've been making a real noise in the city with the few tracks they've released and now I think we all want to hear more from them! Where is it guys? Give us another release already! Their slacker garagey tones on 'Blood Pumping' give me dark sweaty Iggy & The Stooges vibes and now I hear there is a dusting of post-punk creeping into the mix. All this sounds like an mouthwatering prospect and I can't wait to hear and see more of them this year!

Joe Clarke (Out Of Town Pick): IDLES - 'Well Done'
I first heard IDLES' track 'Well Done' on the radio a few months back and yabbered on at Lu and Jacob about that track for a good few weeks, it's so visceral and imediate, it's got that non stop steamroller attack that bands like The Hives do so damn well. I've since dived into what they are doing and their album 'Brutalism' is a thought provoking knock out blow of an album and a half! I am even more excited to see them live knowing we'll be gracing the same stage together at LAL (the Dork Stage). Why don't you go see IDLES? Even Tarquin has seen IDLES...

Live At Leeds will take place on 29th April. Visit for more information.

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