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December 2020 / January 2021

A day in the life of... Shura

Spoiler: it’s mostly hanging out with kittens.
Published: 12:44 pm, September 21, 2016
A day in the life of... Shura

We're nosy. We like to know what life is like for our favourite pop stars. Proper life, y'know. Not this fancy glam sham they'd like us to believe. That's why we're asking some of them to give us an account of exactly what they get up to in a 24 hour period. This month... Shura.

9AM (sometimes as late as 11AM - whoops!)

If the kittens haven’t woken me up at 6am trying to get me to feed them with Antonio Banderas in the style of Puss in Boots in Shrek eyes then I will mainly wake up around 9. The first thing I do before anything is OBVIOUSLY pee and brush my teeth - anyone who doesn’t do this as soon as they wake up isn’t doing it right. A lot of the time I’ve come back super late from a gig the night before so I will try and stretch that out as far as is humanly possible. When I was writing for my first album it was a little different because I would normally start writing at 11, but touring is a very different lifestyle.


I actually can’t have breakfast immediately BUT I can have several cups of tea. When I used to smoke I used to have a cigarette and a coffee (x2) which is basically the worst way to start the day ever. Now I like to alternate between Earl Grey and Yorkshire just to keep things fresh. Once I’ve down a few of those I normally try to include avocado somehow into my breakfast. This is mainly by smashing it with lime and chilli and having it on toast which is basically the best freakin’ breakfast in the world.


I normally like to start jamming around this time. It means it’s not long till lunch so if you’re stuck on something you can have some time away from the laptop to have a think about different ways of approaching something. That’s especially true if I’m remixing. If I’m writing songs I tend not to get too worried about getting stuck and just move onto the next idea. I guess I just have faith that if an idea is good that the solution to the problem will come... it just might not be immediate.


Because I get up a bit later than I used to when I had a normal job I tend to do everything a bit later - including eating! Lunch is sometimes at 2 but can be as late as 4 and sometimes I even forget to have it which is obviously LAME but I have this weird thing where I don’t really get hungry and I don’t really get full. It’s a blessing and a curse. I’ve recently tried to incorporate a vegetarian/vegan diet as much as possible so now I’m really into stir frying vegetables for lunch or going for pho. I live in Shepherd’s Bush so there’s literally 5 million options near me for places to eat.

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This is the part in the day I start to go a bit crazy and I either decide to pull a late one or cut the day short there. Sometimes it’s really obvious whether or not you can still get anything productive done. If it looks like I can’t I usually make a decision to finish around there and try to switch my brain onto something else. Sometimes it’ll be making a nice dinner and settling down to a TV series with my twin. Or playing with the cats or video games.


This is the hour of food... Sometimes I end up eating later but basically this is the time I ideally want to stuff my face as it gives me time to have digest, have a bath and listen to a Generation Why? podcast.


From here on in it’s basically me watching TV series or true crime or documentaries. I like to have baths so if I can combine the two this is ideal. I try not to go to bed too late but sometimes Twitter gets in the way. I basically like to curl up in bed (I live with my twin and we don’t have a living room) with Stitch and listen to whale song when it’s time to sleep.

ALL OF THE ABOVE IS CLEARLY THE LIFE OF A HERMIT. I do occasionally leave - maybe to buy a coffee someone else has made rather than make one myself. I also sometimes play board games with friends. If I’m feeling really rowdy I may even go for a drink or two... But I basically live a pretty chill life with music and my twin and my kittens in Shepherd’s Bush being a bit of a nerd.


Shura’s album ‘Nothing’s Real’ is out now.

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