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November 2018

Dan Croll: "I bought a plant for my living room; I feel very grown up"

A new album and a new plant, it's all going on for Dan Croll.
Published: 12:43 pm, July 25, 2017
Dan Croll: "I bought a plant for my living room; I feel very grown up"
Hey Dan, what’ve you been up to since ‘Sweet Disarray’? Had any big life changes since then?
After the ‘Sweet Disarray’ campaign had come to an end, it all went a bit mad, so I had to take quite a bit of time out to sort myself out. Thankfully I managed to bounce back and get myself together to record another album. Now I’m here, and it all feels like yesterday.
Apart from that, I bought a plant for my living room.

Your new album’s called ‘Emerging Adulthood’ - what’s it about? Do you feel as though you’re a grown up now?
I bought a plant for my living room; I feel very grown up.
The album is me reflecting on where I’ve been, what I’m doing, and what I’m heading for. Since the first album, there’s been an overwhelming amount of opportunities and possibilities, so much so that I crumbled a bit and didn't really know what do to. So I guess this album was a way of coping and expressing myself, trying to see the light through the trees and all of that.

It’s quite a varied album, were there any new things you tried that you’re especially pleased about?
The whole approach to this album was quite a new thing for me, I had gone from doing the first album in a school gym with friends, and quite a DIY feel, to flying over to Atlanta and playing all of the instruments in quite a clinical studio atmosphere.

If you had to fill out your own ‘for fans of’ for this album, what would you put? Who’s going to enjoy it most?
It's still definitely for fans of the previous album; there have been no drastic changes, I just think the whole thing has become a lot more immediate. For fans of music that is straight to the point.

Where do you most enjoy writing music, and what does it bring to the process?
Writing here at home in my studio is my ideal place, there’s a certain comfort to knowing your surroundings and makes the process a lot smoother. Plus you are your own boss, no one else around to impress or sway, just you making music you enjoy.

You recently launched your own agony uncle line, Dial Dan - what’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever given someone?
To be honest, it's less advice and more reassurance, a lot of people who ring me just want a bit of reassurance that everything is going to be fine from someone other than their mum, dad, or teacher.

Music aside, what else are you really enjoying at the moment?
Boxing, keeps you fit and lets you vent all of those music industry frustrations, win win!

Taken from the August issue of Dork - order a copy below. Dan Croll's new album 'Emerging Adulthood' is out now.

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