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October 2020

Dagny: "I'm not sure there is such thing as a perfect pop song"

Norway-born and London-based Dagny has taken over the internet with her endlessly repeatable “alt-pop” single ‘Backbeat’ - and she’s not done yet.
Published: 3:34 pm, October 04, 2016
Dagny: "I'm not sure there is such thing as a perfect pop song"

Hello Dagny. How are you today, and what have we interrupted?

Hey! I'm pumped up with adrenalin after having just finished my set at Øya Festival in Oslo. Right now we're on route to Gothenburg in Sweden to play a late night show at Way Out West festival. So all in all, it's a very exciting day. Ps. You're never interrupting!

Good to know! Your single ‘Backbeat’ has been massive online - at what point did you know it was going to be a special song?

For me it was a special song from the day it was written. In saying that, I think you can never predict whether it's going to be a big song or not - and it might be special for some and not special for others. You have to just trust your gut feeling and hope that people love what you do (as much as you do).

What do you think is the formula for the perfect pop song?

I'm not sure there is such thing as a "perfect pop song". To me, being a melody girl, a good hook and a catchy melody are the foundation of a great song! And you got to get a feeling across, whether it's joy, energy or melancholia.

Where is your favourite place from which to draw inspiration?

I get inspired by the chemistry between people and just generally human relationships. Nothing inspires me more than having a great connection with someone. I draw a lot of inspiration from the people around me and things that I observe and so not all of my songs are my personal experiences.

And where do you tend to write? Does all the magic happen in the studio?

You pick up little words and sentences when you travel around but actually working out songs mainly happens in the studio - often with a few other people that you can bounce ideas off of and vibe out with. I just love it!

Would you ever write for other musicians, do you think?

Absolutely! For me, it's a very different state of mind writing something that someone else will be performing. Lyrically, I actually find it easier. Starting out, my original dream was to become a song writer. I hope that when my album is done, I can write more for other people, as well as focus on my own music of course.

What first drew you to creating music and performing?

I grew up in a family with two musician parents so it's always been a big part of me and my life. Then, starting to perform and write, I just got hooked. It's my passion and favourite hobby really.

Was there a particular moment where you thought “yes, I can really do this”?

Releasing ‘Backbeat’ has been a crazy experience. It was definitely a turning point in my life and it gave me the confidence to go for it. I hadn't released much before that so it was great to get that response. Generally I find that some days you think, "I can totally do this" and other days you need to really have a pep talk with yourself. That's just part of it.

You’ve a debut EP on the way: what can you tell us about it?

It's energetic band driven pop music. I was conscious that even with Backbeat having been received so well, I didn't want to recreate the same song over and over again so they are five quite different tracks that I hope will take people on a little musical journey - like I'd want my album to do someday.

What’s the most exciting thing about making music right now?

That feeling of seeing someone really getting into your songs is amazing. Now, with the big Internet and all, music is very easily accessible and you can have close communication with your listeners and fans. I'm also getting the chance to travel the world with my band (who are also my closest friends) so I think it's all pretty exciting.

What does the rest of the year look like for you?

We're playing lots of festivals in Europe over the next month. The EP is also coming which is incredibly exciting! I can't wait for people to hear new music but who knows how it will be received. It was such a great process creating it!


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