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November 2018

Cullen Omori's Use Your Real Name playlist

To celebrate his new album, the former Smith Westener runs through some other folk who use their full name. 
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Published: 10:55 am, August 17, 2018
Cullen Omori's Use Your Real Name playlist

Cullen Omori is back with his second solo album, ‘The Diet’ - out now via Sub Pop. It’s the follow-up to debut ‘New Misery’, and a trio of records with his former band, Smith Westerns. To celebrate the release, he’s put together a playlist of musicians who also go by their IRL name - from Cass McCombs and Bernard Butler to Alex Turner and Elliott Smith.

"Essentially everyone on the playlist uses their full name more or less," Cullen explains. "Some people told me, “Hey Cullen, don’t use your full name it could mess with ‘shipping units’”, but nevertheless I soldiered on. I was also asked to make a dictionary style phonetic spelling of my name because I guess it's not obvious to pronounce. Anyway, enjoy the playlist! 

Order ‘The Diet’ here.

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