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November 2019

Circa Waves talk album three: "I'm scared how good it is"

"Maybe Drake can support us one day."
Published: 8:59 am, August 26, 2017
Circa Waves talk album three: "I'm scared how good it is"
Yesterday Circa Waves took to the Main Stage at Reading to show off all the colours, light and shape of 'Different Creatures'. It was excellent FYI. An hour after they were done, they were chatting to us about the future, finding confidence and My Chemical Romance.

Hey Kieran. Today looked like a lot of fun. How was it being up there?
It was amazing. To be honest it took them a while longer to warm up but after a little while it was like everything I’d ever dreamed of. : I came Reading in 2006 because I’m an old fucker and watched My Chemical Romance who were first on. Today I was just looking out and seeing loads of me. It was a really poignant moment for everyone because we’ve all been to Reading and Leeds.

Did it feel like ‘Different Creatures’ changed things for the band?
I think it’s made us a more confident band. The first album at times was a little bit twee maybe. It was a little bit light and summery. This album has made us tougher. I think we’re more of a headline prospect now. I keep on saying this.

Hoping that someone is listening?
Yeah, we’re free to headline next year. I know we’re not going to headline just yet but ‘Different Creatures’ is a statement of intent really. The first record was a slamming summer record, this is more of a rock n roll album. I think the third album is going to make people go ‘oh, ok!’

Are you already thinking about album three?
Yeah, we’ve done loads. I’ve already started writing loads of stuff. I’m scared how good it is. I’m scared I might not go home for a few years because I’ll be so busy touring the world.

Where’s that step up come from?
It takes time to get good at your craft. Like anything, like being an interviewer or a filmmaker, your first few interviews are gonna be shit (we promise this wasn't our first interview - Ed.) your first few films are gonna be shit. Your first gigs are always a little bit ropey. We’ve just got better over the last four years. When we first started as a band we didn’t know each other. We’ve bonded as people and our music has become more together. It’s just everything aligning really. It takes time to get really good.

We’re impatient. When can we expect something new?
It’s really up in the air. It’s hard to know. With the music industry as well, I think the album is a different prospect now. People are just releasing songs. We might just throw a song out there at any point and the album will come later next year. Or maybe we’ll throw 5 songs out. It can be anything now. I love the album and I’m sad that it’s not about that anymore. It’s kind of gone back to the 50s when it was just about the song. If you can find a cool balance in between I think that’s what we’ll try to do. We’re all album junkies. I don’t want to just become Drake and release a single every month. Even though I’d love to be Drake. Maybe I am Drake? I’ve come a long way! Maybe Drake can support us one day.

That would be great. He could sub-headline you here?

It’s nice to be humble.
Yeah, I am pretty humble.

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